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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tel-Aviv: The Remangar Flamenco Troupe's "Temblor"

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The flamenco troupe Remangar is back in Tel-Aviv with its stirring performance of "Temblor" hosting a guest artist from Spain:

Virtuoso Sevillian Guitarist Fyty Carrillo.

Tel Aviv: Suzanne Dellal Centre, Saturday, December 29, 2018 at 21:00

"Temblor" is a whirlwind of "flamenco puro" (pure flamenco) featuring the guitar virtuoso from Seville, Fyty Carrillo, and 12 other on-stage artists—dancers, singers, guitarists and percussionists.

The work is a series of encounters between movements of the body and fluctuations of the mind. It highlights the conflicting human desire to act intuitively, out of primal animal instinct, and the desire to operate rationally, on the basis of thought and planning.

"Temblor" is a Spanish word that conveys a trembling, vibration, wave, whirlwind.

Tel-Aviv: The Remangar Flamenco Troupe's "Temblor"

Artistic Director: Avner Pesach Principal Dancers: Avner and Keren Pesach Dancers: Shoham Berman, Adi Cohen, Oshrat Klein, Nia Bukshtein Vocalists: Shuki Shviki, Yael Horowitz Guitarists: Fyty Carrillo, Ilai Burla Percussionist: Hagai Leshem Costume designer: Nancy Kehimaker Lighting designer: Danny Fishoff Length of performance: 75 minutes

Click for a short VIDEO clip of the performance.

Click for further information and purchasing of TICKETS on the Hebrew website or on the English Website.

Tel-Aviv: The Remangar Flamenco Troupe's "Temblor"

The Remangar Flamenco Troupe (Flamenco Puro) The Remangar Flamenco Troupe was created in 2006 by its principal dancers and directors, Karen and Avner Pesach. Remangar's uniqueness lies in its energetic, virtuoso style, and its artistic expertise in the pure form of flamenco—flamenco puro. Every Remangar performance, and the live music it features on stage, bursts with the excitement of flamenco, which is further magnified by occasional moments of inspired improvisation. The Pesachs created Remangar after returning to Israel from a ten-year sojourn in Spain. Their teachers, and close neighbors, were members of a famous flamenco family, Los Farrucos. Under their wing, Keren and Avner learned the art of flamenco puro, and they appeared with Los Farrucos in performances around the world. Remangar numbers eleven professional artists—dancers, instrumentalists, and singers—all of whom studied in Spain. The professional troupe mounts new shows every year and appears in Israel's leading performance halls. The troupe also operates the Remangar School of Flamenco, where Keren and Avner teach the art of flamenco puro, their profession and passion, to dozens of students annually. With studios in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and a hundred or so enrollees—children, teens, and adults—the school aims to produce professional flamenco dancers who will join Remangar in its performances on stage.

Tel-Aviv: The Remangar Flamenco Troupe's "Tremblor"

Fyty Carrillo

Fyty Carrillo, 49, is a virtuoso guitarist born in Seville and trained by Spain's most gifted flamenco guitarists, at whose side he eventually appeared in performances worldwide. Since 2000, he has been the lead guitarist in the world-renowned Maria Pajes troupe.

Best, Talma

PHOTOGRAPHY: PR photos by Natasha Shakhnes

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