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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tel-Aviv: Unity Art House Over Coffee

Hi there!

The UNITY ART House located at 6 Raziel Street in Jaffa, is a community art gallery run by Unity Art, a nonprofit association founded by Maria Preiger to help represent Israeli artists who came from the USSR and former Soviet Union and support them in their various artistic fields.

The gallery, which is open to the public, is FREE OF CHARGE and displays ongoing alternating exhibitions (individual or group exhibitions). It also hosts a variety of events to further advance their original content such as: lectures, fairs, children's active workshops, festivals and more.

An event that I attended included a demonstration by artist Boris Bilis of painting with his unique "Coffee Mix Art" technique.

A ceramic exhibition of the artist Natalie Feldman is currently on display in the gallery. The exhibition presents works using various pottery techniques.

Tel-Aviv: Unity Art House Over Coffee
Clockwise from top: Boris Bilis with a finished example and demonstrating his "Coffee Mix Art" technique and some of the ceramics from the surrounding exhibition

Among the prominent projects of the association in collaboration with the gallery is an international music project "The Voice of the Worlds" in collaboration with Moscow A Cappella, an exhibition on 'Roots and Stories of Israel', a festival on 'Success, Creation and Love' in collaboration with the Tel-Aviv Municipality, the YES Company and the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, a fashion and designer festival entitled "Time of Style", the "Hope Exhibition" on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the State of Israel, the Fun Expo Exhibitions in 2018 and 2019 at the at the Tel-Aviv fairgrounds, the last of which I attended (see previous article) and more.

Future projects include Fun Expo 2020 exhibition, an exhibition entitled "50 Shades of Woman" to celebrate femininity in all its forms. The exhibition marks a significant step in the story of women in society in general and in the Israeli society in particular. The exhibition exposes and strengthens female power in its full glory through paintings and sculptures.

In short, you're more than welcome to visit this lovely gallery. It's within less than five minutes walking distance from the Jaffa Clock Tower and it's free!



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