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The 11th "Jewish Music Days" Festival

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In these days of controversy, "Jewish Music Days" continues to work to bring hearts together and create bridges between religious and secular Jews, between East and West, between old and new, and between popular and academic. 

Under the musical direction of Dr. Yuval Rabin, an international musicologist, and organist, and in collaboration with the Department of Music and the Dahan Center at Bar-Ilan University, the festival provides a platform for quality Jewish music wherever it may be, without favoring one style over another.

From this close-knit approach, the festival takes place both physically within the music department, at nominal and digital prices, free of charge. Music by its nature transcends borders and can connect different cultures. By holding the festival's performances in an environment that is not affiliated in any way with any sect or diaspora, it invites the general public to take part, get to know and connect to the various diaspora and give a sense of unity and belonging to all.

In order to make the music of the various Diaspora accessible, introductory lectures will also be held for some of the concerts, which will help to understand better and enjoy the different musical languages of the diverse Diaspora.

From Doron Shleifer with an early music ensemble from Switzerland to Firqat Alnoor, Al'Fado from Portugal in Ladino, Pulkes playing Klezmer music, the show "Longing for Jerusalem" based on a variety of Diaspora countries hosting Ruhama Raz and several lectures and workshops

Artistic Director: Dr. Yuval Rabin,

Department of Music, Bar-Ilan University and Dahan Center

WHEN: The festival will take place physically and digitally, Monday-Wednesday, May 15-17, 2023, at the Department of Music at Bar-Ilan University.

The 11th "Jewish Music Days" Festival
Credit: Al'Fado taken by photographer Paolo Martini


Monday, May 15, 2023

12:00 Cochin poetry in a glorified sign / Tova Kastiel (Room 108). Free entrance 14:00

The Piyut Trend in Israeli Music / Dr. Naomi Cohn-Zentner (Room 108). Free entrance

17:30 Opening remarks by Dr. Yoel Greenberg and Dr. Yuval Rabin

17:45 Pre-concert lecture - Prof. Edwin Seroussi (Hebrew University of Jerusalem). Free entrance

18:30"On foreign soil" - a journey between the oldest melodies of European Jews (for piyyutim and dances) Switzerland/Israel - Corina Marti, Doron Shleifer, Ophira Zakai and Tal Arbel. Paid.

Longing for Jerusalem – Paid.

19:45 Gathering and refreshments

20:00 Greetings – Prof. Amnon Albeck, Rector of the University, and Dr. Shimon Ohayon, Director of the Dahan Center

Piyyutim from Iran (Maureen Nehedar), Tunisia (Maayan Linik), Bukhara (Etigohn and Yitzhak Eliazarov), Bulgaria (Dora Galor) and Georgia (Kolan Band). Special guest – Ruhama Raz (Jerusalem of Gold).


Tuesday, May 16, 2023

17:00 Open klezmer parade on campus with the ensemble "Pulkes"

18:30 Klezmer concert - "Pulkes" ensemble. Paid.

19:45 Ladino Songs from the Balkans to Morocco -- Orit Perlman. Free entry.

20:30 Ladino returns home – Ensemble Al'Fado from Portugal. Paid.


Wednesday, May 17, 2023

18:00 – On the Egyptian and Aleppo traditions of the piyyutim – Roni Ish-Ran. Free entry.

19:00 - The song of Aleppo requests (Firqat Alnoor). Paid.

20:30 - Piyyutim for Jerusalem/Egyptian Tradition (Firqat Alnoor). Paid.

More information on the activities is available on the festival website.


Information and tickets for paid concerts at 35 NIS are via the festival's link. To cancel call 03-7316561.

Entrance on foot through gates: 10, 15 – without restriction. Entrance through Gate 20 will be open until 18:00. Workshops and lectures are free of charge.



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