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  • Talma Gotteiner

The 9th International Arava Film Festival: ONLINE & OUTDOORS

Hi there,

Following the approval of the Minister of Culture and Sports, Hili Tropper, the 9th International Arava Film Festival will take place in a combined format this year both digitally and in an outdoor screening in the Arava Region in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines. This year the film festival will be paying a tribute to Sir Sean Connery, the world actor who passed away recently.

WHEN: November 5-14th, 2020.

The 9th International Arava Film Festival: ONLINE & OUTDOORS
Credit: Nof Tzukim by Tzipia Pelser

In addition to screening the films digitally throughout the festival, it will open during the weekend of Nov 12-14th (Thurs. to Sat.) at the Drive-in complex. The films will be screened in the open air, in a specially arranged complex, in the heart of the Eshos nature reserve, in the Arava, where huge screens and sound systems and a picture at the highest level have been installed. Festival comers arriving with their vehicles will be able to enjoy an extraordinary cinematic experience, based on the connection between the art of cinema, and the open nature of the desert.

During the annual festival, which attracts many film lovers from Israel and the world, a large selection of films will be screening including international features, films for children and youth and short films as well as a special tribute dedicated to the late Sir Sean Connery, the huge actor who passed away.

Dr. Eyal Blum, Head of the Central Arava Regional Council, and Eyal Shirai, producer and initiator of the event, congratulate the Minister of Culture and Sports, Hili Tropper, who promoted the drive-in format and enabled approval of the open-air festival. The festival attracts visitors to the Central Arava Region, who are welcomed to enjoy accommodation in B & Bs in the rural area. The Central Arava Region's clean and healthy air offers exposure to the desert nature, overnight stays, tourist and culinary attractions combined with first-rate cinematic artwork for visitors of the film festival.

The event is supported by the Central Arava Regional Council, the Film Council of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Mifal Hapayis, the Ministry of Negev and Galilee Development, the Ministry of Regional Cooperation, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Producers and directors - Eyal and Tinker Shirai. Artistic consultants - Edna and Dan Feinero.

TICKETS: Tickets can be purchased on the festival website.



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