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The Annual 'Honey Festival' 2022

Hi there,

The Honey Council and Israeli beekeepers are celebrating a record year in the annual honey output at 4,400 tons and are inviting the public to the annual 'honey festival' in apiaries throughout the country before Rosh Hashanah. The festival will take place throughout the month of September 2022.

The festival is an oppportunity to taste a variety of honey flavors and aromas, meet with the beekeepers, learn about honey bees, watch­­­ them through a glass beehive, experiencing honey production, workshops, videos, enjoy special activities for children and purchase natural and healthy honey directly from the beekeepers. In Israel there are over 20 varieties of honey, such as hyssop, sage, jujube, thyme, cedar, ash, avocado, and more.

The Annual 'Honey Festival' 2022
Credit: The "Hakol Dvash" apiary at Yesud Ha'Maala

Ofi Reich, Managing Director of the Honey Council says: "We welcome a record year in local honey production that will amount to approximately 4,400 tons of high-quality Israeli honey, which will satisfy all honey consumption during the High Holidays, and we invite the general public celebrate with the beekeepers, visit the beehives, taste honey, and understand that the honey bee is not only a producer of excellent honey, but also the main pollinator in nature, responsible for the pollination (fertilization) of 80% of the agricultural crops, and without whom we would not be able to provide a local supply of plant food. Before Rosh Hashanah, I call on the public to support and encourage Israeli agricultural produce and to buy pure, tasty and healthy honey for the holiday, directly from the beekeepers, in apiaries all over the country."

Festival Events

'Dvorat HaTavor' apiary in Moshav Shadmot Dvora - As part of the honey festival, the 'Dvorat HaTavor' apiary will celebrate 30 years of activity. Their visitor center. was established in 1992 by beekeepers Yigal and Malka Ben Ze'ev. Malka is a third generation beekeeper. Her grandfather owned wineries and beehives in Hungary and her father continued the family tradition together with her husband Yigal, whom he taught. Along with the farm and the apiary, the couple established a visitors center where tours and trainings on the subject of bees and honey are held. Over time, they became a long-time supplier of honey gift boxes, employing people with special needs and combining with other products from the community. During the festival the Ben Ze'ev family will hold activities for children to familiarize them with the world of beehives, a tour led by a beekeeper in a bee observatory including opening of hives, viewing honey extraction, making a candle from beeswax, craft workshops and more.

For reservations call: 04-6769598, 050-5637645.

"Ophir" farm in Alon HaGalil - The farm will hold festive events on September 10th and 17the. The Ophir family's farm is located in the heart of a grove, with an apiary, a boutique winery and a vineyard, where they will celebrate with honey tasting, baking pitas in a Taboon, taking on tours of the apiary explaining the beekeeper's work, presenting a glass beehive, honey extraction and wearing the beekeeper's clothes. The farm has gymboree and wooden games for children, coffee and an ice cream cart. Visit to the family winery to enjoy wine tasting, cheeses, and picnic boxes.

For reservations all: 04-9861466

The "Flowers of the Galilee" apiary - Located in Manot in the Western Galilee, the veteran beekeeper Noga Reuven will hold a honey sale including a tour of the apiary including an opportunity to perform honey extraction by yourself with honey tasting. The events will take place September, 15-16 and 22-23.

For reservations call: 04-8220505, 0544967420

The "Hakol Dvash" apiary at Yesud Ha'Maala - Beekeeper Amit Yosef (former soldier in the Israeli Defense Forces) invites you to activities at the apiary, tasting honey from the flowers of the Galilee, a film about the bee world, a tour of the honey factory and workshops for children.

For reservations call: 050-9518181.

The 'Galil Dan' apiary near Kibbutz Dafna - The boutique store offers a wide variety of honey flavors and health products from the hive. They also make deliveries. For orders call: 04-6947826

The 'Raikin' apiary in Sde Eliezer - A family apiary, with three generations of beekeepers, who produce pure and high-quality honey, which can be bought directly from them.

For reservations call beekeeper Shay Raikin - 054-3960424.

The "Honey from Michmanim" apiary - At Michmanim, beekeepers Roni and Rocky Rek, invite you for a tour of the apiary, workshops and honey tastings. For reservations: 052-2476768.

The 'Yaarat HaDvash' apiary in Alonei Abba - the apiary is offering guided tours, activities for children, wearing a beekeeper's suit, honey purchasing and more. For reservations: 054-4437402.

The "Habustan" apiary in Peki'in - Beekeeper Jamal Khir, invites the public to get to know the world of bees combined with traditional Druze hospitality. For reservations: 052-2477897.

The 'Simon Bee Farm' in Kfar Sirkin - You are invited to the boutique store with over 10 varieties of honey, health products from the hive, honey-based drinks and delicacies. For orders: 03-9324574.

The 'Lin Farm' apiary Kfar Bilu - Families and children are invited to wear beekeeper clothes, taste honey, enjoy creative activities, watch a video about the life of the bee, open a beehive and more. For reservations: 054-2207965.

The 'Meachorei Hadvash' apiary in Kfar Chabad - The Schneerson family, for whose livelihood the father of the family, Rabbi Moshe, established an apiary are inviting to an educational activity about the bee world. For reservations: 03-9606367.

The 'HaKaveret Honey Store' by Shai Spector in Kfar Rut - In the large boutique store you can find about 13 varieties of honey, holiday packages, household items and more.

For orders: 08-9762082, 052-3211360.

The 'Beit Horon' apiary - Come for a tour of the apiary, a meeting with a beekeeper, creative workshops, an explanation about the pollination process and its importance. For reservations: 02-5458856.

The 'BEEBAR Honey Bus' at the Mordechai Golan apiary in Moshav Gilat in the northern Negev - come for a guided tour of the apiary and direct purchase of a honey varieties from the flowers of the northern and western Negev. For orders: 052-7772291.

The 'Porat' apiary in Moshav Ein Yahav in the Central Arava region - the apiary is holding a honey festival with a variety of activities for children, including: filling honey jars independently, packing and decorating the jars, honey tasting, a tour of the bee museum - where the world of the desert and the beehive are presented, a transparent beehive, a film about the life of the bee , and more.

For reservations: 058-5666032.

The 'Beit HaDvash VeHaDvora' at Kibbutz Yad Mordechai - the center will hold the honey festival on September 24, 26-27, with sweet activities in the apiary, watching the work of the beekeeper, a look at the hive, baking honey cakes, honey tasting, and also a tour of the kibbutz in a tractor and more. For reservations: 052-3923104.

Wishing you a Sweet New Year!


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