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  • Talma Gotteiner

The Bauhaus Center Tel-Aviv: Street Tours and an Exhibition

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The Bauhaus Center in Tel-Aviv is a gallery, publishing house and tour operator that collaborates with the Israeli National Committee for UNESCO and the Tel-Aviv Municipality on preservation and increasing public awareness to the architectural and cultural importance of the White City with respect to the Bauhaus movement.

The White City of Tel-Aviv was recognized by the UNESCO agency as a world heritage site in 2003 as an outstanding example of various trends of the Modern Movement in architecture in the early 20th century.

Tel-Aviv Bauhaus: English Tours and an Exhibition

Clockwise from top right: Bauhaus Center Tel-Aviv from the outside, with Dr. Micha Gross one of the founders and a photo from the gallery's gift shop.

The great immigration waves during the second half of the 1920s and the 1930s led to the building of thousands of buildings in rather a short period. That, together with the fact that several of the new immigrants were German and other European schooled architects transformed the landscape of the city from Eclectic to Modern.

Today, with ~ 4,000 buildings from this period, Tel-Aviv has one of the greatest concentrations in the world of buildings that have been built in the International Style, known by many as the Bauhaus style.

The Gallery - A New Exhibition "Dizengoff Square Through History" - Admission is FREE

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Dizengoff Square and further to completion of the restoration project to its original design, the "Bauhaus Tel Aviv Center" has prepared a new exhibition spanning the history of Dizengoff Square. Admission to the exhibition is free.

WHEN: Till Oct 31, 2019, Sat-Thurs 10:00 - 19:30, Fri 9:30-14:40

Exhibition curators and organizers: Harrison Goldman, Elisa Wexler, Michal Karp and Dr. Micha Gross, from the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv.

The exhibition does this through historical photographs from various collections, original vintage details from the square, architects and planners' stories and drawings, and offers an in-depth examination of the various details that make up the square from its inception to the present day.

The new exhibition marks a triple celebration: 80 years for the square and the completion of its renewal this year, 100 years for the Bauhaus School and 20 years for the establishment of the Bauhaus Center in Tel Aviv.

Tel-Aviv Bauhaus: English Tours and an Exhibition

Clockwise from top left: Dizengoff Square, Elisa Wexler our tour guide and I.

Dr. Micha Gross explained that the idea of ​​creating an exhibition of this kind was born about a year ago. The Tzina Dizengoff square, named after the First Mayor, Meir Dizengoff's wife, was inaugurated in 1938, in the heart of Tel Aviv and became one of the city's most prominent symbols. Over the years, the square underwent several changes, but continued to play a major role in the White City. Beyond its architectural importance, the square became the hub of the vibrant social life center that shaped Tel Aviv's unique image. Tel Aviv is a young city, that was founded in 1909 and has since grown to a metropolitan dimension that is Israel's cultural, art and economic center. It is not obvious to see in such a young city, sparks of modernity, innovative urban planning and integration of social processes in architecture.

Among the items in the exhibit is the original architectural table - Genia Averbuch (courtesy of architect Ram Baram), who in 1934 won the competition for the design of the square. The award to a young woman architect, reflects the progressive spirit of the society in the 1930s that was in the locality. Averbuch's design included the area of ​​the square itself and a guideline for the architectural design of all the buildings surrounding the square. Some of the buildings located around the square were designed by Averbuch herself.

In addition, the exhibition presents pictures of "Esther" cinema, the first cinema in Tel Aviv with 1000 seats, owned by the immigrant family from Eden, Yemen. The cinema was closed 25 years ago, in its place stands the "Cinema Hotel" which retains a nostalgic entrance, in the Bauhaus style and in which the spirit of the cinema prevails.

Also on display are inspirational posters for the design of the square, for example a poster of Charles de Gaulle Square (the Etoile) in Paris which, from the top, is reminiscent of Dizengoff Square and several more.

Bauhaus Tours Alongside the exhibition, the Tel Aviv Bauhaus Center offers walking tours to the general public on White City architecture with an emphasis on Bauhaus style architecture.

The Bauhaus Center offers:

  • A 2 hour guided tour (Hebrew, English, French and German)

  • An audiotour of 1.5 hours (Hebrew, English, French, Italian, German and Russian)

  • A 2 hour audiotour for professionals (English)

  • A film about the White City of about 30 minutes (Hebrew, English, French and German)

PRICES: Individual Visitors

  • Tours for individuals with an audioguide: 80 or 100 NIS per participant including VAT depending on the duration of audioguide tour as described above.

  • Movie screening for up to 10 viewers: 35 NIS including VAT

Group Tours

  • Group Tours on weekdays for up to 30 participants: 1050 NIS excluding VAT.

  • Group Tours on weekends and holidays for up to 30 participants: 1200 NIS excluding VAT.

  • Movie screening for groups of up to 30 viewers: 300 NIS including VAT

Best, Talma

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