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  • Talma Gotteiner

The Golden Hedgehog: Street Theater, Circus and Performance

Hi there,

The Golden Hedgehog Association, in collaboration with Ometz (artists creating in the public space) and the Culture Department of the Municipality of Lod, is inaugurating, for the first time, a competition for creation in the public space - street theater, circus, and performance.

These are new categories that have been added to the categories awarded every year at the Golden Hedgehog Award ceremony.

The event, which will include 6 shows, is dedicated to the initiator, founder, and director of the Lod Fringe Center, director, and actress Pnina Rinzler, who passed away this week.

WHEN: October 27th, 2022 at 18:00-23:00 in the old city hall square / new pedestrian street in the city of Lod. The entrance is FREE!

The Golden Hedgehog: Street Theater, Circus and Performance
Credit: "Kaborka", photo by Zohar Ron

The Competitors

Six original productions by the creators in Israel that were shortlisted are competing for the prizes and are listed according to the names of the productions and the names of the creators:

  1. "Adama" - Hashachar Dor (Performance).

  2. "The Man Who Wanted to Be a Bird" - The Dancing Ram Theater. Adam Yachin (a multidisciplinary street legend).

  3. "Chicken Soup" - Orto-da Theater Company, Yinon Tzafrir, Daniel Zafrani (Clown Street Theater in collaboration with a doll).

  4. "Ironic Supervision" - Stanga Theater. David DuSH BarasHi, Yossi Nachmani (a mobile interactive street show).

  5. "Kaborka" Uri and Noa Weiss (street theater and multidisciplinary circus).

  6. "Circus in the community center" - Duolooky with Ya-Ya and Gal Baz (street theater and circus).

In addition to these contestants, additional creative groups will be included in the event, including the local Lod Fringe Center under the management of the late Pnina Rinzler.

These 6 shows in the categories of street theater and circus will participate alongside 16 additional shows that have advanced to the finals and will compete for the Golden Hedgehog awards at the Golden Hedgehog Festival, the annual celebration of the independent and fringe theater which will be held in Tel Aviv on November 7-18.

The audience will be exposed to the best of the independent, high-quality, innovative, and daring work that was staged in Israel this year. Alongside the shows, there will be special events, workshops, and meetings with creators.

For more information, go to the "Golden Hedgehog" website.



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