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  • Talma Gotteiner

The Igor Moiseyev Ballet Company: TANGO DEL PLATA

Hi there, The Igor Moiseyev ballet company is returning to Israel with a rich and varied show, one of whose highlights is a new piece called "PLATA DEL TANGO" or "A Tango Celebration". WHEN: 17-20 Sept 2019, The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center - Opera House, for only five performances.

Tango del Plata - Igor Moiseyev

Credit: V. Vyatkin

The program will present a fascinating selection of works created by Moiseyev. Russian dances, a Georgian dance, a Greek dance, the famous sailor dance, and the second part of the show will include a special piece dedicated to Jewish music and dance, a work that rekindles the Israeli audience every time.

For the first time since the establishment of the band, a work was created especially by a guest from Argentina, Laura Roatta, who created for the band the tango celebration that will sign the first part of the show.

Undoubtedly, the surprise of the evening show is the new tango celebration TANGO DEL PLATA. For many years the band made sure to dance only to the works of Igor Moiseyev. Now the new artistic director of the band Elena Shcherbakova, has decided to innovate and diversify. She turned to the Argentinian choreographer Laura Roatta and asked her to work with the band and create a new dance that connects the passion of the sensual Argentinian tango to the passion and Slavic warmth of the dancers of the Igor Moiseyev Dance Company. The connection between Moiseyev and his band with Laura Roatta was created many years ago when the band arrived in Argentina when Roatta was an art student. After approaching Moiseyev she taught him tango dance steps, which he combined into one of his works. Over the years, she has worked with well-known choreographers like Maurice Bejart, Martha Graham and John Neumeier and has incorporated from her experience in classical and modern dance to into her exciting tango creations.

The results of Mrs. Shcherbakova's invitation to work with the Igor Moiseyev ballet dancers, has resulted in an exciting and passionate string of tango-like dances. This is a unique piece in which the band's skilled dancers experience new techniques for them, drawing on the rich heritage of dance and folklore left behind by Moiseyev. All to music composed by Piazzolla, Paulus, Rubinstein, Aposito, Morse and more, most of which are known and beloved tango compositions.

At the center of the work stands the mythical figure of the charming Venusina - the keeper of the tango who creates a desire to dance. The mysterious stranger reveals the world of tango in all its varieties with its broad range of feelings and emotions. The work consists of seven dances from male and female couples dancing till the grandiose conclusion, in which the full band of dancers bring to the stage the hot Tango from Buenos Aires.

Additional choreographers: Soledad Buss, Cesar Peral (Argentina).

About Igor Moyseev

Igor Moiseyev, was born in 1906 in the Ukraine, and died in 2007 at the age of 101. The legendary dance critic of the New York Times Anna Kisselgoff called him one of the greatest choreographers of the twentieth century.

A few months after his birth, his family moved to Paris. His mother worked as a costume seamstress in the Châtelet Theater and was exposed for the first time to the stage world. In 1914 the family returned to the Soviet Union. He began his ballet lessons at the age of 12 and after seeing the first performance on the Bolshoi stage he decided to find his destiny. Out of 100 candidates for the Bolshoi school, two boys were accepted, and Moisayev was one of them.

Moiseyev joined the Bolshoi Ballet and quickly became a soloist. He created several works for the Bolshoi Ballet, for some of whom he even danced the leading role. He was praised for his innovative and motivating ideas. At that time he also acquired a reputation as an expert on all aspects of Russian folklore. Moiseyev was asked to organize a festival whose theme was national dance. The success of the festival encouraged him to establish the Folklore Dance Ensemble that later received his name. Since 1940 the band has been active in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. The repertoire includes more than 300 different dances from all over the world. In addition to whole works in a single act.

Since its first performance in 1938, the band has toured all over the world in more than 60 countries and is considered the best folklore band in the world. Moiseyev won numerous awards and medals, won the Mozart Medal, UNESCO for his outstanding contribution to the world of music. He was awarded the "Legend of the Century" award by the City of Moscow as well as a special prize for his contribution to the opening of cultural relations between the United States and the Soviet Union. In honor of his 100th birthday, a special performance took place in the theater at the Kremlin Palace. President Putin gave him the highest award in Russia for his contribution to Russian culture.

Alongside the ballet there is a school that was founded in 1943. The school's pupils are the nucleus from which the dancers grow.

Elena Shcherbakova - Artistic Director

Mrs. Shcherbakova also serves as a teacher and counselor in the band alongside the role of artistic director. She graduated from the Bolshoi Choreography School. In 1969 she joined the Igor Moiseyev ballet. As a result of her qualifications and training in a variety of styles she also appeared as a soloist with various other bands. The professionalism and vitality that she displayed onstage were expressed in a series of solos in various works by Moiseyev. In 1992, after finishing her career as a principal dancer, she was invited by Igor Moiseyev to serve as a teacher at the school. Her main goal is to preserve the tradition and the original and unique work of Igor Moiseyev through the school's teaching methods. She makes sure to bring to the school and the band a new generation of fine dancers. Shcherbakova has been awarded several prizes and decorations.

TICKETS: Moyseev's virtuosic Tango Celebration DEL PLATA TANGO and other dances

The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center - Opera House, only five performances Tuesday 17/9 at 20:00 Wednesday 18/9 at 20:00 Thursday 19/9 at 20:00 Friday 20/9 at 13:00 and at 21:00 Ticket prices: 189-395 NIS

Opera box phone: 03-6927777 or Hebrew/English website Leaan phone: *8780 or English/Heb/Russian/French/Spanish Website Bravo phone: *3221 or Hebrew/Russian Website

Best, Talma

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