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  • Talma Gotteiner

The Nocturnal Ben Gurion March

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During the first weekend of August, a cool moonlit festival will take place in the Negev Mountains beginning with the traditional Ben-Gurion March that will inaugurate the new promenade of Midreshet Ben-Gurion. This year, for the second time, the march will begin in the afternoon and continue late into the night, when the weather in the Negev Mountains becomes pleasant. The march will include a wide range of activities for the whole family along the route.

Credit: Dvorin PR
The Nocturnal Ben Gurion March

WHEN: Thursday and Friday, 3-4 Aug 2023 at Midreshet Ben Gurion

You can choose between two marching routes. The first is the "Sunset Route", which is a circular route suitable for families with young children and is about 2 km long. The second, "Full Moon Trail", is about 5 km long and is suitable for families with older children. Both routes are set along the new promenade built this year that recreates the morning walking trail of the first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, – between Kibbutz Sde Boker and Midreshet Ben Gurion. Along each route, there will be scenic observation spots and age-appropriate activities, including riddles, juggling acts, eagle sightings, field figures, RD&D with Ben-Gurion content, a storyteller, a Bedouin tent for resting with pita bread (for a fee) and free coffee, music, a telescope for viewing the sun (during daylight hours) and more.

At 19:30 there will be a sunset performance at the Midreshet Ben-Gurion Amphitheater. On Thursday there will be a performance of summer songs by the singers of Ramat Hanegev, and on Friday there will be a show of indie children and an alternative Oneg Shabbat.

The full moon orbit, designed for families with older children, will begin at 20:30 and will last until midnight, but in order to enjoy the varied activities, the start time of the march is until 22:30 only. The walk along this route will be accompanied by a variety of nighttime experiences, including a telescope for viewing the moon, a storyteller, characters disguised as pioneers, a drummer circle, a Bedouin encampment with pita bread (for a fee), free coffee and tea, musical surprises, a juggling act without fire, scorpion tours, a riddle with tasks in the footsteps of Ben Gurion. The walk on the full moon route is about 5 km, along the new Ben Gurion promenade, to Ben Gurion hut. Entrance to the hut is included in the entrance ticket, along with fun activities, food trucks, and more in the hut complex.

At the end of the route, starting at 20:00, and throughout the evening and night, there will also be food stalls in the Ben-Gurion hut area awaiting those whose appetites are opened by the walk.

The event will begin at a gathering point near Ben-Gurion's hut, in the parking lot near the gas station at Sde Boker, and from there, shuttles will take you to the beginning of the route at Ben Gurion Park in Midreshet Ben Gurion.


Each participant must have a ticket.

  • Pre-registration ticket price until July 27th: 10 NIS per child under the age of 3 and 35 NIS over the age of 3.

  • Ticket price for late registration (starting July 28th) or on-site purchase: 20 NIS per child under the age of 3 and 50 NIS over the age 3.

There is an option to purchase packages that include additional attractions in the area.



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