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  • Talma Gotteiner

The North Light: Hanukkah 2022

Hi there,

In December, the Galilee in the North of Israel will be hosting several festive events, activities, and shows including the Hanukkah festival in Misgav, "Touching the Light" in the Golan, guided tours throughout the Galilee, the Golan, and the valleys, Hannukah celebrations, Christmas celebrations and more.

The Galilee Development Authority and the Ministry for the Development of the Negev and Galilee Peripheries, which support cultural and tourism events, are inviting the general public to come and enjoy the abundance of December celebrations in the bright north.

WHEN: December 21-31, 2022

The North Light: Hanukkah 2022
Credit: The Gilboa Ma'ayanot Tour Center

The Hanukkah Festival in Misgav

Shows, original productions, activities for the whole family, children's shows, and more... Among the artists who will perform: Ariel Zilber and band (19.12), Beatlemania and the great songs of the Beatles (21.12), Adon Choco in Arik Einstein's songs and stories for young and old (21.12), Leah Goldberg's songs (22.12), the two singing groups of Misgav on one stage "Voices of Misgav" and "Shir Bahar", in a combined show with public singing (24.12).

When: December 19-24, 2022

For additional events and purchasing tickets: Hanukkah Festival in Misgav

"Touching the Light" in the Golan

The Golan Community Center presents a month full of performances, plays, workshops, and more. Among the artists: Avraham Tal (26.12), Shababnikim (29.12), the exhibition "Touching the Light" in Tznobar, a multi-sensory experience for the whole family, a meeting between light and shadow, interactive light displays, video art, a photography exhibition from darkness to light and a lighting designer fair. Light is intangible, and cannot be felt. Precisely because of this, in the exhibition, we will try to feel it with our senses. We will taste it, touch it, listen and see it together.

When: December 15-22.12 in the Tznobar complex

Hanukkah at the Gilboa Ma'ayanot Tour Center

Worthwhile and unique trips for the whole family, a trip for jeep owners under the guidance of reserve Lt. Colonel Moshe Peled (Musa Peled). A fascinating trip to the cemetery of Gidona under the guidance of Moshe Hominer, the director of the tour center. And, of course, the 'Here we build Zionism' attraction - a fun family activity. Together we will go back to the 'Wall and Tower' settlement period, discover the weapon stashes, solve riddles, build the wall and raise the tower.

During Hanukkah, it is worth coming to Gilboa and the Valley of the Springs

When: December 20-26, 2022

For details: Hanukkah at the Gilboa Ma'ayanot Tour Center

Guided Tours for the Whole Family

During the month of December, there will be unique guided tours throughout the Galilee: 'Following the galloping horsemen', a fascinating trip to Mount Atzmon Reserve following authentic stories about the Hujurat tribe that lived here in the past and the special relationships with the founders of Yodfat (Mount Shekhanya Promenade), 'Razey Horesh HaTzafon' (i.e. 'Secrets of the Northern Woods'), an easy and unique nature tour suitable for the whole family (KKL parking lot in front of Kibbutz Ein Zivan), 'Dona Gracia Museum', Tiberias, a unique experience. The guided tour with the fascinating museum guides will introduce you to the story of the Jewish woman philanthropist "Dona Gracia". "A Lampion Workshop and Lantern Tour" at the Tzipori river and a "Tour of the Bedouin Village Tabash" to learn about the Bedouin way of life in the village...

Christmas Celebrations at Eilabun and Nazareth

In Eilabun, there will be Christmas market celebrations in an authentic atmosphere with stalls, concerts, shows and parties, a huge decorated fir tree, children's shows, and more. The festivities will take place at the Catholic Church Square, between the dates Dec 8-10 and 15-17 between 17:00 - 22:00.

Fifty days of Christmas celebrations throughout the city of Nazareth will include shows, musicals, a Christmas market with a decorated fir tree, concerts, a holiday procession, and more.

A Warm Winter in the Villages - "Kfar Bikartem"

The 'Kfar Bikartem' project, under the leadership of the Galilee Development Authority, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Economic Development Authority of the Druze and Circassian Settlements, will operate guided tours of the villages. In Ein Qiniyye in the Golan Heights there will be a guided tour that includes observation of the Nahal Sa'ar stream, the landscapes of the Upper Galilee and the Golan, the picturesque village of Ein Qiniyye, a visit to the core of the ancient village, the ancient house museum and the Maronite church and at the end, a cooking workshop of authentic Druze food. In Kfar Kama, there will be culinary and hospitality tours in Circassian houses accompanied and guided by local guides, tasting of Circassian cuisine, a tour of the ancient core, and a rhythmic Circassian folklore show. In Peki'in, the fascinating Galilean village, we will get to know the story of the place through the history of four ethnicities living in harmony. The tour includes a spectacular view of the village houses, the Rashbi cave, a guide to the village spring, and fascinating stories. In the end, there will be a culinary workshop and a sweets workshop in an old house in the village.

Merry Hanukkah!


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