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  • Talma Gotteiner

The 'Sweet as Honey Festival' for Rosh Hashanah

Hi there,

The Honey Council is inviting the public to 'Sweet as Honey Festival' that will take place in the visitor centers of apiaries throughout the country.

Visitors to the hives will enjoy enriching activities related to the world of bees such as watching the queen bee and her colony through a glass hive, a visit to the Honey Breeding Institute, videos about the bees' lives and the importance of preserving them, art workshops, and 'varietal honey' tasting made of raw honey containing 80% nectar from the same strain. In Israel, there are over 20 types of varietal honeys, such as hyssop honey, sage, jujube, thyme, elderberry, Athel, avocado, and more, which can be tasted in the apiaries.

WHEN: August 27, 2021 - September 11, 2021

The 'Sweet as Honey Festival' for Rosh Hashanah
Credit: Photo of Adva Ophir, Alon HaGalil

Ofi Reich, CEO of the Honey Council, has stated: "Rosh Hashanah is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the apiary and the world of bees up close, in an experiential way and to understand that the honey bee is not only an excellent honey producer, but also the main pollinator in nature responsible for pollinating over 80% of the agricultural crops, without which we would not be able supply local demand of plant food. The festival will take place just before Rosh Hashanah and I am inviting the public to support and encourage Israeli agricultural produce and purchase for the holiday, pure, delicious and healthy honey, directly from the beekeepers, in apiaries all over the country."

Data from the Honey Council in advance of Rosh Hashanah show that honey consumption among the Israeli public amounts to about 5,500 tons and during the High Holidays about 2,000 tons of honey will be marketed in Israel, which are almost 40% of Israeli demand. There are currently about 500 beekeepers in Israel who care for 120,000 hives, most of which are used to pollinate agricultural crops.

As part of the 'Sweet as Honey Festival', the renewed "Flowers of the Galilee" apiary will be inaugurated in Manot in the Western Galilee, after burning down completely last year. The owner of the 'Flowers of the Galilee' apiary, Noga Reuven has been a beekeeper since 1984 and is currently also celebrating her 70th birthday!

Noga is considered an expert in bee breeding and holds a bachelor’s degree in biology. She is married, a mother of 4 and a grandmother and has founded the apiary with her own ten fingers. The apiary has been reconstructed following the catastrophe with the help of other beekeeper friends, the 'Hashomer Hahadash' organization and a mass recruitment project. The apiary will open its gates for the first time before Rosh Hashanah with experiential activities for families and children, a guided tour of the apiary, meeting Noga, experiencing self-healing, tasting the varietal honey and more. Price: 25 NIS. Activity days: 20.8-5.9. Sunday-Thursday - 15:30-18:30, Fridays - 10:00-15:00, closed on Saturday. For reservations: 04-8220505, 054-4967420.

The 'Shadmot Dvora' apiary is inviting the public to listen to the "melody of the bees", a hive that turns the movement of the bees into sounds. Using the playing hive, you can listen to music created by the bees. The playing hive was developed by the beekeeper Boaz Ben Zeev and Yigal Sebek, a computer, sound and systems developer in the world of music. The apiary will also host guided tours of honey making, workshops and more. Activity days: 3.9-30.9. Cost: 42 NIS for an adult, 52 NIS for a child. For reservations: 04-6769598, 050-5637645.

The 'Lynn Far' apiary in Bilu A village will include a visit to the "Bee Kingdom" of the Lynn family, and an introduction to the world of bees and honey. Cost: 45 NIS. Activity days: 17-19.8, 11-13.9. For reservations: 054-2207965.

The 'Simon Bee Farm' in Sirkin village is a boutique store with over 10 types of varietal honey, along with health products from the hive, drinks and delicacies based on honey. For reservations: 03-9324574 or on the Hebrew website.

The 'Galil Dan' apiary near Kibbutz Dafna holds a wide variety of varietal honey, along with health products from the apiary in its boutique store and offers deliveries. For details: 04-6947826 or on the Hebrew website.

The 'Raikin' apiary in Sde Eliezer is a family apiary, consisting of three generations of beekeepers, who produce pure, high-quality honey, which can be purchased directly from them. For details: Beekeeper Shai Reikin - 054-3960424.

The 'Hakol Dvash' apiary at Yesod HaMa'aleh with beekeeper Amit Yosef, who served in the SWAT team, has set up an apiary and an impressive visitor center, where you can meet him, enjoy a guided tour, taste Galilean honey, watch a video about the world of bees, and attend workshops for children. Cost: 24 NIS from age 3 and up. Activity days: Sunday-Friday. Arrival must be arranged in advance. For reservations: 050-9518181.

'Ophir' farm in Alon Hagalil invites you to a guided tour of the apiary including a video film, watching honey bees, wearing beekeeper's clothes, making pitas with honey in the oven and playing with wooden games. You can also visit the family winery. Cost: 40 NIS per participant from the age of two (pitas in the oven, for a separate fee). Activity days: Saturday 4.9.21 between 09:00-15:00. For reservations: 04-9861466.

The 'Mikhmanim Honey' apiary with the beekeepers Roni and Rocky Rak, will take you on a guided tour of the honey making facility and "The Bible's path to nature". You can sip herbal tea with varietal honey and get to know the health products from the hive. The apiary has a workshop center and accommodation complex available by prior arrangement. For details: 052-2476768. Cost: 25 NIS for a minimum of 20 participants.

The "Yaarat Dvash" apiary in Alonei Abba will be selling honey and performing guided tours of the apiary with activities for children, wearing a beekeeper's suit and more. Cost: 25 NIS. Minimum 10 people. Activity days: By appointment. For reservations: 054-4437402.

The 'Bustan' apiary in Peki'in with beekeeper Jamal Hir, combines Druze hospitality and activities to get to know the world of bees. Cost: 15-30 NIS per workshop. Entrance to the site is free of charge. Activity days: Sunday-Saturday. For reservations: 052-2477897.

"Meachoray Ha'Dvash" apiary in Kfar Chabad belonging to the famous Schneerson family, established by the father of the family, Rabbi Moshe whose children continue his journey is inviting the public to educational activities for children about the world of bees and honey. Activity days: By appointment. For reservations: 03-9606367.

'Hakaveret' of Shai Spector in Kfar Ruth is a boutique store that holds about 13 types of varietal honey, including: eucalyptus flowers, Ashel, clover, hyssop, Golan elderberry, sage and thyme, citrus, jujube and more. The store offers holiday packages, housewares and more. Activity days - 22.8-6.9 - Sunday-Thursday - 10:00-19:00, Friday - 09:00-14:00, closed Saturday. For reservations: 08-9762082, 052-3211360.

The 'Porat' apiary in Ein Yahav in the Central Arava region offers a guided tour of the honey making facility and the Bee Museum that exhibits close-up photos of the world of bees, thousands of flying metal bees and more. In the boutique store you'll find varietal honey in different flavors. On September 1st at 21:00 PM, you're invited to a performance in the apiary courtyard - by Israeli singer and songwriter Ronen Toper with free admission. The beehive bar is open on Thursdays. Activity days: Sunday-Friday. 09:00-16:00 by appointment. For orders and honey deliveries to all parts of the country: 058-5666032, on the English website.

The BEEBAR honey bus in the Mordechai Golan apiary in Moshav Gilat in the Negev offers a tour of the apiary and direct purchase of a variety of honey from the flowers of the northern and western Negev. For details - 052-7772291.

The 'Beit HaDvash VeHaDvora' at Kibbutz Yad Mordechai is inviting you to a variety of experiential activities in the world of honey. Activity days: 4.9, 7.9, 8.9- 10:00-14:00. Cost: 50 NIS for an adult, 55 NIS for children from age 3 and up. For reservations: 052-3923104.

The beehives will operate in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, so you should check with them before arrival.

The Honey and Bee Council wishes you a Happy New Year!

Shana Tova,


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