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Theater Company Jerusalem: Celebrating the 5th Jewish Festival of Contemporary Culture ONLINE

Hi there,

Theatre Company Jerusalem (TCJ) founded by present artistic director Gabriella Lev, aspires to create a contemporary theatre of excellence rooted in ancient Hebrew and contemporary Israeli writing and song. The festival, conceived by Osnat Gispan the company’s managing director, was created in order to foster interdisciplinary artistic dialogue and exchange between all the performing arts: and give utterance, to all segments of our community: religious, secular, ultra-orthodox, unaffiliated, new age.

This year, the 5th annual celebration will be held online, inviting viewers to enjoy quality performances from a variety of performing arts: music, theater, dance, including premieres and special performances for children and adults, all from the comfort of their home.

Meetings and talks with the artists will take place after the performances. All performances will be available for viewing for 48 hours.

Children's shows will be available for viewing throughout the festival and the Hanukkah holiday.

WHEN: December 6-10th, Dec 2020

Theater Company Jerusalem: Celebrating the 5th Jewish Festival of Contemporary Culture ONLINE
Credit: Erez Kashi

Gabriela Lev, Artistic Director of TCJ: "Out of a desire to enable Israeli artists, actors, dancers, musicians to continue to create and perform, despite the devastating conditions of the pandemic we continued our cultural activities within the current restrictions. Our rehearsals and meetings were conducted through zoom. We performed in homes for the elderly, and on the street for the whole family. We created our first digital performance, “Frames 2020” which will open the festival. I believe that, for everyone the performing arts is of critical importance now in the times of Covid-19. It provides solace, awakens curiosity and reminds us of our essential humanity. It brings us diverse kinds of beauty so necessary in times of struggle.”

Osnat Gispan, initiator of the festival: “We chose this year to create a festival that is entirely Israeli based. Dozens of Israeli artists will perform in a variety of genres from musicals - for children, and performances for adults: oriental dance, Ladino singing, flamenco and Jewish klezmer, hip-hop and neighborhood rap. The challenge in building this year's festival program was to choose shows that would artistically communicate through digital media. I wish to congratulate all our performers who gave of their very best despite being deprived of the live excitement of a breathing audience, laughter and applause. And so I invite you, the general public in Israel and overseas, to buy a ticket, support the festival artists and in turn you will find much to interest delight and surprise you."


Frames 2020 | A Theater Premiere | Sunday, Dec 6th, 2020 at 20:00

Responding to the pandemic, Theatre Company Jerusalem created 4 amusing short plays about life in lockdown, and 2 music clips. It is hoped that this new work will provoke dialogue, reflection and entertainment.

  • 5 years | When the known and the unknown fall apart, love from the past reawakens. Writing and Directing: Gabriela Lev Participants: Tzahala Michaeli, Eyal Schechter

  • New Face | birthday party. Writing and Directing: Meir Feldman Participants: Shahaf Berger, Inbal Milo-Bachar, Ran Cohen, Saar Shani

  • Years of Gold | A grandmother finally speaks out! Directed by: Gabriela Lev Featuring: Varda Ben Hur

  • Birth | Choral harmonics intone the dreams and hopes of the yet to be born Israel and thus resonate today, with the desire to continue to dream, to hope, and to create. Created for the stage by Gabriella Lev; Music Ronit Roland: with Adi Lev and the Ady choir under the baton of Oded Shomrony. Music clips: “Yaarot Dvash” Ensemble Piyut, “Impossible without It”Ronit Roland, lyrics: Eshkol Nevo

“A Broken Hallelujah” | Sunday, Dec 6th, 2020 at 21:00

A journey through Leonard Cohen’s poetry, song, and prayers tracing their delicate links to Jewish prayers and liturgical poetry – the piyyutim. The songs are performed in English or in Hebrew, delineating the life story, roots, quests and yearnings of this wonderful creative artist.

Bat Chen Edri - Poetry Avraham Cohen - Vocals, Story, Guitar Yankele Segal - Musical Management and Bass ;Roni Ivrin – Percussion; Shlomo Oz - Classical Guitar ;Jonathan Niv - Cello and Singing

“Do Re Moo” | A Premiere Children's Play for Ages 3-11 | Monday, Dec 7th, 2020 at 17:30

A musical for the whole family.

One spring morning the cows gather to celebrate with Parahleh, but Pahrehleh has her own way of singing things! This musical is about the desire to belong to the herd, and at the same time maintain one’s own private and special self.

After the show there will be a conversation with the creators and actors

By: Shirley Yuval Yair Directed by: Liron Noah Music: Elad Peretz Set and Costume Design: Zohar Elmaleh | Lighting Design: Amir Castro Traffic Design: Neta Meidan E. Movement Designer: Adi Yarden Director: Alon Getzowitz Actors: Tal Wenig, Roni Ackerman, Doron Levy, Noa Tessa, Miri Zehavi and Dana Cohen.

“Salt of the Earth” Theater | Monday, Dec 7th, 2020 at 20:00

A museum exhibition - artists and a guard provide a surprisingly touching personal tale.

Avram, a pensioner, to supplement his income, has taken a part-time job as security guard at the Museum of Modern Art. Gradually we understand that Avram is a holocaust survivor and his surprising meeting with the young German artist whose work he is guarding touchingly explores the issues of art memory and responsibility.

By Dani Kedem | with Eran Bohem | directed by Gabriella Lev

“Ana Tomia” | Oriental Movement Theater | Monday, Dec 7th, 2020 at 21:00

An exciting fusion of eastern and contemporary dance in a solo virtuoso performance.

Creator, choreographer and dancer: Natalie Dvir: Original text: Natalie Dvir Artistic accompaniment: Moran Aviv: Costume Design: Honeycomb Honey, Natalie Dvir | Sound design: Lishee LeBron, Eitan Ullman

“The Blooming Rose” | Music |Tuesday, Dec 8th, 2020 - 20:00

A beautiful concert of classic and beloved Ladino melodies. Avraham Avinu, Mournika, Sea La Mar, Los Biblicos and more. Songs that everyone loves to sing, and a few more that maybe even Ladino speakers, will not necessarily recognize. Original pieces of world music, and pieces from the Mediterranean - Balkan space will complete this unique program.

Nadav Lev: vocals, guitar, more. Musical arrangement and production Roni Ganor: Kamanche, more: Ivan ?Drums Yael Lev Rave: Guest singer

“The Last Admor”| A Theater Premiere | Tuesday, Dec 8th, 2020 at 21:00

Based on the life story of Yehezkel Taub, ​​founder of Kfar Hasidim.

Taub son of the Admor of Yablona, makes Aliya to Israel and establishes the only independent orthodox pioneering settlement in the land. However difficulties, cause a surprising twist with Taub leaving both Israel and his religion. Decades later he is called back from the States both to the village he established and to his forsaken faith.

After the show, there will be a conversation with the creators and actors.

Written and directed by: Assaf Friedman Historical Research: Yoram Nissnyovich Costumes: Shira Palmer Choreography: Eyal Anchor Music: Yossi Swede: Artistic Advisor Gabriela Lev; Acting: Dan Sudri, Yossi Swede, David Ofir, and Assaf Friedman Whale Theater

“Mania – A Legend in her Lifetime” |Wednesday, Dec 9th, 2020 at 20:00

A docu-drama based solely on true facts of the life of Mania Wilbushewitch Shohat (1880–1961).

A thrilling weave of authentic vintage film footage, brilliant ensemble acting and singing creates a compelling stage performance of a radical and revolutionary female pioneer. The performance reflects on the birth of the state of Israel, its socialistic roots in Imperialist Russia and explores the passion and heartbreak of one woman who courageously risked everything to forge the society of equality and tolerance that she believed in.

Play by Peninna Gery after the book by Rachel Yanait Ben Tzvi in co-operation with Yad ben Tzvi.

Adapted and directed by Gabriella Lev with Actors Tzahala Michaeli, Saar Shani, Ran Cohen, Inbal Milo- Bachar

“Hunch“ | A Premiere Fusion of Flamenco, Klezmer Music and Dance | Wednesday, Dec 9th, 2020 at 21:00

The journey from being single to, the experiences of pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and the dynamics in the first years of nuclear family life is expressed through a unique traditional and modern flamenco, movement-theater and performance. The live music consists of a unique combination of original flamenco music, with Jewish klezmer music from around the world performed by the band 'Kleine Menshelech '.

Creator, choreographer and dancer: Michal Bert | Musicians: Fyty Carrillo - Guitarist, Composer and Composer Eyal Pessi - Clarinet Moshe Jiuan - Violin Hadar Brett - Violin Yoav Porat - Accordion Tamar Barzilai - Besson Shaked Klein - Drums Dance: Smadar Vardi, Mia Schneiderman, Maayan Shochat.

Kleine Menshelech (Yiddish: small people), is a young Israeli klezmer ensemble influenced by the Yiddish culture of Eastern Europe. The ensemble re-enacts the klezmer culture through modern and contemporary arrangements.

“The Intrigues of Ferdinand Pedhatzur in Brief" | A Children's Play for Ages 4-10 | Thursday, Dec 10th, 2020 at 17:00 - THE FIRST CANDLE OF HANUKKAH

By: Ephraim Sidon Directed by: Liron Noah Music: Elad Peretz

A musical for the whole family.

The story of one good king that the government corrupts until his people are no longer willing to tolerate him. In a land beyond the sea, lived the old, wise king Leonard Ferdinand Pedhatzur.

A funny story about good citizenship and the power of government for young and old.

After the show, there will be a conversation with the creators and actors.

Set and Costume Design: Zohar Elmaleh | Traffic Design: Inbar Sharon Lighting Design Roi Dvir E. Director: Ariel Yona Actors: Miri Zehavi, Itamar Zohar, Liron Karmiel, Itai Samu, Danny Herziano, Elad Peretz

Dima XR | A Premiere Closure Music Party | Thursday, Dec 10th, 2020 at 21:30

Winner of the Artist of the Year Award and the Song of the Year 2019 at the Rasta Frequency Hip-Hop Awards Ceremony. Influenced by contemporary Soviet rap, and Middle East party music this revolutionary music protests against racism and the oppression of the weak.

Dima: Elad Moshe DJ and Music Producer: Yogi Dylan Music Producer: Balo


Tickets can be purchased on the festival website. Enquiries or any assistance will be attended to at 02-6244584.

Ticket purchasers will be emailed a link for online viewing and the performances will be available for 48 hours.

Ticket Prices 40 NIS each show

Suggested donation for family watching 80 NIS

Generous support for artists and family ticket 100 NIS

Whole hearted support for artists and family ticket 200 NIS

The all-inclusive ticket to all performances of the festival 300 NIS.

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