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  • Talma Gotteiner

UNITY ART: An International Exhibition 'Art Changing the World'

Hi there,

Following the success of Unity Art's previous social project for the advancement of artists in Israel under the name: "Art 500M from Home", the association received several requests from artists from abroad who wanted to take part in exposing their works in Israel.

UNITY ART: An International Exhibition 'Art Changing the World'
Credit: Courtesy of Artist Oksana Parchuk

WHEN: From Oct 14, 2020 at 12:00 noon till Oct 15,2020 at 00:00 midnight. FREE OF CHARGE!

The result is a new art exhibition under the name "Omanut Meshana Olam" (i.e. "Art Changing the World"), in which artists from around the world will appear in virtual exhibitions that reveal works of artists from Israel, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic countries and more.

The project will include live broadcasts to the general public with the option to meet the artists, from their various fields: painters, photographers, sculptors, illustrators, jewelers, glass creators, builders, fashion designers and so on.

According to Maria Preiger, chairwoman of the Unity Art Association, that brings together 250 artists from across the country: "This is one of the most exciting projects the association has undertaken. It is precisely during this difficult period that artists from all over the world are interested in Israel and in partnering with local artists. The project is designed to lift the spirits of talented Israeli artists and provide them with a platform for their works even during the lockdown. The Unity Art Gallery will operate in the form of virtual exhibitions, free of charge - in order to allow everyone to enter and enjoy international, quality art, from various fields."

Unity Art Gallery: 6 Raziel Street in Jaffa, Tel. 054-354-4218

LINK TO THE VIRTUAL EXHIBITION: Omanut Meshana Olam / Art Changing the World



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