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Virgin Atlantic Festival: London in Tel-Aviv

Hi there!

Two years ago, a big festival was held in London, entitled "Tel Aviv in London". Londoners were invited to get a taste and feel of the city of Tel Aviv. Over 20,000 people came to enjoy Israeli culture of all kinds and especially cultural exposés representing Tel-Aviv.

Exactly two years later, the event's organizers in London, Mark Worth and Tali Zemach, have put together a similar event that will bring a taste of London and British culture to Tel-Aviv.

The festival is taking place thanks to the support of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality, in collaboration with the municipality's performance department and the main sponsor the British airline Virgin Atlantic International.

WHEN: 27-30 Nov 2019

Virgin Atlantic Festival: London in Tel-Aviv

Left to Right: Eylon Levi, moderator, Doron Rabina, Chief Curator Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Mark Power, Deputy UK Ambassador, Hofesh Schecter, OBE, Dance Director and Marc Worth, Businessman and Philanthropist.

During the festival, the Tel Aviv Opera House will be decked with the colors of the Union Jack, while events will be hosted in the halls of the Opera House, the Cameri Theater, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and even in the Teder / Romano House enabling the large audience to taste different aspects of British culture.

The celebration will already begin in the square on November 27, 2019, at 18:00 with performances taking place on the main public stage. The audience will be able to enjoy music performances of British songs performed by the Rimon School students free of charge.

Stalls will be scattered in the Opera House square selling British food and beer and even tea with milk. The menu items will include British favorites such as: Fish & Chips, Shepherd's Pie, Sunday Roast and Fullers Beer.

The "Dining Hall" restaurant located in the square will also join the celebration with a special offer. Anyone who comes with a ticket from one of the shows will be able to enjoy a British 3-course meal for only 110 NIS with a glass of wine or beer as a gift.

Virgin Atlantic Festival: London in Tel-Aviv

Left to Right: With Mark Power, Deputy UK Ambassador, Hofesh Schecter, OBE, Dance Director and Marc Worth, Businessman and Philanthropist


HOFESH SCHECHTER'S COMPANY PERFORMING "GRAND FINALE" AT THE OPERA HOUSE The Hofesh Schechter Company is an international dance troupe based in Brighton and supported by various British cultural ministries. Hofesh Schechter is one of the most successful modern dance producers in the world today, and has recently received the title of OBE by Her Majesty the Queen for his services in the field of dance. His works are presented by many dance troupes in Europe and the USA. The "Grand Finale" is a fascinating, exciting, funny and thought-provoking piece that among other things deals with separation and relationships in a variety of forms.

On stage, the international dancers' band is accompanied by a quartet of musicians who together create a performance that will accompany viewers long after the show is over.

SHOW TIMES: Wednesday, November 27 at 8:30 pm Thursday, November 28 at 8:30 pm Friday, November 29 at 13:00 Saturday, Nov. 30 at 8:30 p.m

PRICES: From 165 - 335 NIS depending on the seat

"SHAKESPEARE'S GREAT ADVENTURE" IN THE CAMERI THEATER The initials "RSC"may be same, but this is not the Royal Shakespeare Company. Rather, it is the "Reduced Shakespeare Company", a hilarious bunch of three American comedians who started out with their show "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) [Revised]", an hour and a half of crazy humor that brought up all of Shakespeare's plays in 90 minutes. The great success led them to appear in London for several years. In the new play, "Shakespeare's Great Adventure", they once again express their love for the Grand Master and create a new story that presents a prequel of Hamlet's adventures before the opening scene of Hamlet. If you love Shakespeare you will love this show. If you hate Shakespeare you will go crazy about it!

SHOW TIMES: Friday, November 29 at 12:00 noon Saturday, November 30 at 5:00 pm and 8:30 pm

PRICES: From 179 - 300 NIS depending on the seat

A CELLO AND PIANO RECITAL BY NATALIE CLEIN AND GIL SHOCHAT AT THE TEL AVIV MUSEUM OF ART, ASIA HALL International cellist Natalie Clein will be hosted by Israeli pianist, composer and conductor Gil Shochat. The recital's program will include a rich repertoire based on works by Bach, Brahms, Bloch, Rachmaninov and Chopin. Natalie Clein, is an award-winning British cellist who has performed as a soloist with the finest orchestras and festivals around the world. Critics of classical music cannot praise highly enough her passion and virtuosity, as well as the rich and high-quality sound of her rare "Simpson" Guadagnini cello.

SHOW TIMES: Thursday - November 28 at 8:30 pm

PRICES: 139 NIS (regular) / 110 NIS (senior citizens)

AN EXHIBITION, A FILM SCREENING AND EVENTS AT THE TEL AVIV MUSEUM OF ART On November 27, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art will open an exhibition of a young Scottish multi-media artist Rachel Maclean (born 1987 in Edinburgh, lives and works in Glasgow). The exhibition consists of a video installation, centered on the film "Spite Your Face" (2017, 37 minutes). The protagonist of the film is a young Pinocchio character who climbs from the dregs of society to the upper class and enjoys the pleasures of celebrity and money until the inevitable plunge down back to where it came from. He paves his way through lies and his golden pinocchio nose, lengthens accordingly. The film is constructed as a bitter, grotesque and terrifying parable of a post-truth era painted in blue and gold. All of the characters in the film are played by the artist herself with impressive virtuosity and digital manipulation.

On November 28, another event will take place at the museum with free entrance - meeting and discussion initiated by ACT & UK TECH HUB addressing food consumption and consumerism, today and in the future.

The meeting will be an evening of culinary arts and fascinating technology, bringing together artists, designer chefs, bloggers and tech entrepreneurs, on one stage. Each will bring his/her own interpretation of the connection between Arts, Cuisine and Technology. Each of the presenters has 8 minutes to express themselves on stage (similar to the Pecha Kucha format) The ACT & UK TECH HUB collaborates with chefs, restaurants, public bodies and entrepreneurship centers that see London as a strategic target market for expanding their operations.

On November 29, the Tel Aviv Museum will hold an "artists' meeting" with artist Karen Russo, an Israeli artist, living and creating in London. Russo has exhibited at reputed galleries in the UK and across Europe, and has won numerous awards. In the meeting she will discuss her work, which will be exhibited at the museum in parallel.

In the museum's cinema, six British films will be screened over two days featuring different facets of British culture and society, including a film adaptation of the Shakespearean play "Coriolanus", through a thrilling documentary of the 1960s in London featuring Michael Kane and his contemporaries, up to the British royal house with the film "Elizabeth" about the young queen in her early years under house arrest, the film "Diana"and her sad story ending with the film "The Iron Lady" telling the story of Margaret Thatcher.

DJS AT TEDER, ROMANO HOUSE During the festival period, a long list of DJs will be playing contemporary British music at the Teder, Romano House. Expected attendees: Donna Leake, Ari & Storm, Kasien, DJ Jamo Beatz, Lava La Rue, Miss Banks, Onoe Caponoe + Swissa and Kida Kudz.

ANOTHER EXCITING EVENT - OLYMPICS ISRAEL AND ENGLAND UNIFIED IN A SPECIAL GAME A Special Olympics football game will take place against the British team UNIFIED on November 28, 2019. The game will be accompanied by the visit of some well-known British footballers from the project's supporters.

Special Olympics is a non-political international organization through which athletes learn about different cultures through sports.

Photo Credit: Eliran Avital. Left to Right: Yoav Zemach, Production Manager, Marc Worth, Businessman and Philanthropist and Mark Power, Deputy UK Ambassador


A few words about the initiators and promoters of this festival:

Initiator: Marc Worth - Israel's renowned philanthropist Production Management: Tali and Yoav Zemach, Shmuel Zemach Productions Ltd. in collaboration with the Tel Aviv Municipality Executive Producer: Itamar Gurevich Primary Sponsor: British Airline Virgin Atlantic International

The festival was initiated and accompanied by Marc Worth, an Israeli Philanthropist in order to strengthen the cultural ties between London and Tel Aviv and promote positive public opinion.

Marc has worked for over 25 in the field of economic consulting and was one of the leaders in the media field. Worth Global Style Network (WGSN), was one of the first companies to provide information about the fashion world on the net. WGSN specialized in predicting fashion market trends through the Internet. In a short time, the company was able to establish its position as a professional consultant to prominent fashion manufacturers, international marketers and chains and in 2005 sold for 142 million pounds. Today, Worth serves as CEO of Stylus, engaged in forecasting marketing trends around the world.

In addition to his professional business and occupations, Marc Worth maintains a series of activities related to Israel. He served as chairman of the Chamber of Commerce UK Israel, Director and Chairman of the UK Business Club and served for four years as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. He is now one of the trustees of the Tel Aviv Foundation.

About two years ago, he founded the "London in Tel Aviv Festival" and brought 130 highly successful artists and 20,000 people to London to attend the events. Further to its success, he decided to produce the "Virgin Atlantic Festival: London in Tel-Aviv" couterpart that will take place in November 2019.

Lastly, the first direct flight of Virgin Atlantic International will take off from London to Tel-Aviv on September 25, and on September 26, the first flight back will leave Israel at 7:50 am.

Enjoy the festival and may there be many more!

Cheers! Talma

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