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  • Talma Gotteiner

Virtual Tours and A Game for Passover 2020

Hi there,

Just before the holiday break, I was sent some information on virtual tours and a game that I am happy to share with you. The game is for Hebrew speakers alone since it is designed as a family activity for children in Israel.

A Virtual Tour of the Herzeliya Museum of Contemporary Art The Herzeliya Museum of Contemporary Art was closed only ten days after its latest exhibition "Portrait Time II" was opened. However, in order to overcome the enforced social distancing, it created a virtual tour that covers the whole museum. You'll be able to see the creations of Leonid Balaklav, Michal Mamit Worke, Iddo Markus, Jan Rauchwerger, Aaron Shaul Schur, Elie Shamir and portraits from the museum's collection.

Audio interviews in Hebrew of moderator Anat (Schneider) Sharan with artists and curators are included in the tour.


Virtual Tour Credits: and

Virtual Tours and A Game for Passover 2020
Credit: Michal Mamit Worke Untitled, 2019 Acrylic on canvas, 150x100 cm (photo: Lena Gomon)

A Virtual Tour of the UNITY Art House Gallery During the the Passover holiday, the Israeli artist gallery, Unity Art House from Jaffa will hold a virtual tour, for the whole family, free of charge. , in which new works by various Israeli artists will be presented.

The gallery will reveal a wide variety of works prepared by Israeli artists and how they are made, presenting various techniques and materials. The tour includes creations of dolls, paper sculptures, illustrations, paintings, copper works, glass, original oil paintings, photographic works, drawings, ceramic sculpture, jewelry and useful tools.

Maria Preiger the founder of the gallery has stated that aside from the virtual tour that is being offered to the whole family, the gallery intends to allow lectures with artists from afar, until life returns to normal. She also stated that she would be pleased if artists interested in taking part in the virtual exhibitions would send their works to the gallery.

UNITY Art House is a community gallery of a non-profit organization that aims to help Israeli artists promote their works. The gallery has many exhibitions (group and individual), festivals and fairs, workshops for children and adults, fun days for companies and organizations and holds various events. The Gallery is located at 6 David Raziel Street, Jaffa Tour Coordinating Phone - 054-3544218


Virtual Tours and A Game for Passover 2020
Credit: Maria Preiger

Eshkolot Organization's Passover Game Eshkolot is a leading non-profit educational organization that brings together 30 Israeli tour and awareness centers throughout the country from the Golan Heights to Eilat. The centers carry out extensive educational and experiential activities for the education system and the general public including: journeys, annual trips, trainings and leading projects.

Within the multitude of digital initiatives that the Coronavirus has led to, the Eshkolot organization has conducted a variety of lectures and mass conversations on the history and familiarity with Israel. However, now, for the Passover holiday, it has produced a trivia game for families in Hebrew, enabling you to travel around the country from home. Through the game you can continue to explore from home together, as a family and learn about the Land of Israel, its nature, history and wonderful heritage.

The "Tiyul Babayit" (i.e. "Trip from Home") initiative is a joint initiative of Eshkolot and the Israeli Forum for Leadership and the Jewish Culture Division of the Ministry of Education.

Adir Vishnya, CEO of the Eshkolot organization has stated that "During this period, when leaving the house is forbidden and the children cannot find what to do, it is a great time to continue to learn about the land, history and heritage of the people of Israel. This trivia game is an enriching and experienced race that we have created especially for you, in which anyone can play from home and deepen the family ties. Let's hope for good days and a quick return to routine."

Just print and play. Happy Passover! Talma

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