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  • Talma Gotteiner

'Gush Dan' - Five Wonderful Kosher Bites with Gluten Free Options

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Hi there!

I’m trying something new by reversing the order. This post is about where to eat and in the future, I’ll be writing the sequels on where to go in each of the cities mentioned. In the meantime, I’ve written a few words about the restaurant locations and what is nearby.

I chose to write about kosher places that are suitable for a wide audience and with gluten free options so that I could eat in them because I have celiac. They are all not more than a 15-min drive away from my home and since I live on the eastern border of Ramat-Gan, my locations are in a few cities in ‘Gush Dan’ (i.e. the Tel-Aviv Metropolis). As suburban locations, all the places have free parking nearby.

Post Visit Note: One of the places decided to open on weekends so the title should be changed to 'Four Wonderful Kosher Bites and a Date".

Trip Itinerary Options:

Kosher with Gluten Free Options
  • Café Landwer, Kiryat Krinitzi, Ramat-Gan - CLOSED

  • Café Café, Marom Nave, Ramat-Gan

  • Aslan, Kiryat Ono

  • Bokeriya, Yachin Center, Petach Tikva

  • Roladin, Ramat Hadar, Givat Shmuel

Trip Anchors:

This is my French style bistro recommendation. This gorgeous café is a very recent addition to my neighborhood. It is about 4 months old and is run by two sisters, Shani and Orly, who already have experience with running another Landwer branch in Tel-Aviv.

The kosher menu is dairy so lunches are based on fish and side dishes and the desserts are great. The printed menu marks, vegan and gluten free options, but celiacs should note the disclaimer that the kitchen is not isolated from gluten. I had the Mediterranean Shakshouka and lived to write about it.

Another advantage of the place is that it has a separate room that holds up to 70 people and can be used for private occasions such as birthdays It even has a small gymboree corner so that parents can drink their coffee in peace. Older kids can be sent to the adjacent playground.

The two manageresses, are also planning to liven up the atmosphere with lectures and social events so it seems like a good thing has come to town!

Phone: 03-9601322

Address: 9 Yosef Sapir, Kiryat Krinitzi, Ramat-Gan

Open: Sun-Thurs 8:00-23:00, Friday 8:00-Half an Hour Before Shabbat, Saturday Half an Hour After End of Shabbat – 23:00.

Café Landwer, Ramat-Gan
Café Landwer, Ramat-Gan

This café is in a great location, in a courtyard centered between the Marom Nave Park and Marom Nave Mall. It has both indoor and outdoor seating and is run by another young manageress called Shiri.

Similar to before, the kosher menu is dairy and lunches are based on fish and side dishes. The menu marks vegan, vegetarian and spicy options. It doesn’t mark gluten free however, gluten free bread is available and the team is able to point out which dishes are adjustable. I risked trying out the chef’s recommended Norwegian Breakfast with the smoked salmon and eggs on gluten free bread and join in on the recommendation. They have a menu in English, but not online.

For those in the area, during the month of February 2018, the café will be celebrating its 7th birthday. As part of the jubilee, the café will have reduced prices on some key dishes (e.g. a second main dish for 20 NIS) and will be surprising guests with treats during their meals.

Phone: 03-6740451

Address: 19 Tirza St., Marom Nave, Ramat-Gan

Open: Sun-Thurs 8:00-23:00, Friday 7:30-15:00, Saturday One Hour After End of Shabbat – 23:00.

Café Café, Marom Nave, Ramat-Gan
Café Café, Marom Nave, Ramat-Gan

I had to suggest some meat options so this place is a mediterannean style grill bar. It doesn’t have gluten free options on the menu, but my thought was that for non-celiacs it would be sufficient to enable a gluten-free meal minus the pita bread and the salads that have soy sauce or mayo in them. I personally am extra careful because the kebabs for which they are famous for contain gluten so I stuck to the numerous salads, hummous and magadara. My son, on the other hand whom I had decided to treat, enjoyed the kebabs immensely. We ordered the business lunch that contains a grilled meat choice, a bunch of salads and a side dish with an additional hummous and Israeli chopped salad for me. The salads include: carrot, tahini, beet, tabouli, two types of cabbage, two types of eggplant, celery, two types of pickled vegetables and a salsa.

The restaurant is a second generation place, run by three brothers, Oz, Roy and Elad. I had a lovely chat with Oz.

Everything is handmade. The pitas are baked in their oven and the salads are freshly cut. The good news is that they do take aways even to Tel-Aviv so even if you don’t make a trip to Kiryat Ono, you can still get a taste of the local favourite or if you do and you don’t have time, you can just buy a falafel or shawarma from their side stand.

Finally, with respect to their location, they are a 5-10 min drive away from the Kiryat Ono Mall and the Kiryat Ono Reisfeld Park respectively.

Phone: 03-6034343

Address: 58 Ha-Ma’agal St., Kiryat Ono

Open: Sun-Thurs 11:00-24:00, Saturday 19:00 – 24:00.

Aslan, Kiryat Ono
Aslan Kiryat Ono

This is a fun restaurant if you like breakfast buffets because that is their THING. The name ‘Bokeriya’ is a mix of the Hebrew word ‘Boker’ (morning) and the Spanish word ‘Bokeriya’ which is the name of the farmer’s market in Barcelona. Accordingly, the place has a charming rustic décor and the breakfast buffet is open till 16:00. It is run by two friends called Gal and Ran who are both experienced restauranteurs. I had the pleasure of meeting Gal.

The buffet is rich, so aside from the basic cheeses and salads, it contains soup and a number of cooked dishes like antipasti, casseroles etc. The buffet price doesn’t include the eggs, because their eggs are served all day as a fully priced dish. However, for those ordering the buffet, you can order the eggs for a small additional cost ranging between 10-30 NIS depending on the ingredients. For example the high priced one has hrayme in it. My daughter and I (she deserved a treat too) opted for the buffet without any additions and we came out stuffed. Besides breakfast, they also have, pizzas, fish and side dishes too. By the way, you can buy their baked breads and homemade jams to take away. It isn’t stated on the menu, but if you want to, just ask.

Another cool thing about their menu is their special dessert menu. A well known chef called Eran Schwartzbard designed their mouth watering dessert menu and they’ve even added a few winter specials. You’re kids will be grateful.

With respect to the location, the restaurant is in a shopping center called Yachin Center and is also a 5-10 min drive away from the bigger closed mall ‘Kanyon Hagadol’.

Phone: 03-7444760

Address: 17 Yitzhak Rabin St., Yachin Center, Kiryat Ono

Open: Sun-Thurs 9:00-Last Customer, Friday 8:00-3 Hours Before Shabbat, Saturday One Hour After the End of Shabbat – Last Customer.

Bokeriya, Petach Tikva
Bokeriya, Petach Tikva

I’ve left the desserts for last. Roladin is a well known bakery chain. They were just celebrating croissant day with a delicious selection when I visited. For me they even have gluten-free cookies in sealed boxes for purchase.

The branch in Givat Shmuel is located in my favourite mall because it is an open-roofed mall so you see daylight while shopping. Also, the nearby park is very nice, with lots of grass and jungle gyms. Roladin has both indoor and outdoor seating and is right next to the gymboree corner.

Phone: 03-5324511

Address: 23 Yoni Netanyahu St., Givat Shmuel

Open: Sun-Thurs 7:00-21:00 and Friday 7:00-14:00.

This is what it looks like on the map:

5 Kosher Restaurants with Gluten Free Options

That concludes my five food recommendations. It was great meeting all the local restaurateurs. I hope you come and enjoy these places as well and I am looking forward to completing the corresponding trips.



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