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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tel-Aviv: Summer Collection 2018 - Optica Belisima Network

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Hi there!

This post is about where you can get some trendy new sunglasses in Tel-Aviv or at the very least get service for your prescription glasses in case you get stuck. Courtesy of

Address Below: Optica Belisima, 39 Carlebach St., Tel-Aviv

Optica Belisima Carlebach Tel-Aviv

The "Replay 69" sunglasses, the home brand of the Belisima optics network, integrates acetate, a durable and improved material of various shades and metal creating an ultra-chic look encased in strong frames and UV 400 lenses.

Optica Belisima Tel-Aviv Replay 69 Collection

The collection incorporates the veteran-retro trend that is sweeping the world of optics using the latest fashion of metal frames in aviator, panto and round shapes with frames of gold, nickel, silver or color combinations.

The store team: Aviv, Bili and Adir Lazar welcome you!

Optica Belisima Store Team

The large-size pilots' frames were worn by the teenage girls with their small faces are the latest retro fashion. The metal models accentuate the contours of the face and provide a delicate, contemporary minimalist line.

Optica Belisima Tel-Aviv Replay 69 Collection

The plastic models also come in a variety of colors and combinations of plastic and metal and again in retro models.

The launching event included a makeup demonstration for those who wear glasses:

Optica Belisima Launch Event Makeup by Michal Avrahami

This year's models are characterized by delicate gold decorations, in surprising places. The black or nude models in gold frames stand out. Also, round glasses in translucent shades of gold, brown and black.

Optica Belisima Network Owner, David Lazar welcomes you too!

Optica Belisima Owner David Lazar

The collection includes 300 models suitable for all ages, and every 3 months a new and updated collection is issued.

The 2018 models are now being offered on sale 1 + 1, with prices ranging from 300-400 NIS, for two pairs of glasses.

To be obtained in the Optima Belisima network and select optics stores.

Have a Great Summer!


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