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  • Talma Gotteiner

'Galim' Ramat-Gan: A Taste of the Dead Sea

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Hi there,

Maybe you’ve heard about floatation treatments, but for me it was a new concept. I was invited by Ilit Ben Dan to write about the offering. “Galim” is a center specializing in neurosensory based treatments designed to achieve deep relaxation. Currently they are offering two main types of relaxation treatments that are suitable for tourists: floatation and vibroacoustic massage and in addition, they have neurofeedback treatments for children with ADD.

Galim Israeli Floatation Center

In general, “floatation” treatments are conducted by floating in tanks of highly concentrated, Magnesium based (Epsom) salt-water in a controlled environment. The tanks are sound-proof and the water is controlled at body temperature. You control the level of light, music and degree of opening/closing of the tank. While floating, the water currents and the music played in the tank are designed to induce the brain to transition into Theta wavelengths that are common in sleep and deep meditation. The Magnesium is a well-known muscle relaxant and enhances the experience.

Galim Israeli Floatation Center Tank

Above: This photograph was provided by Galim.

The floating session takes an hour, but there is are a few steps preceding it, which I’ll describe. My friend and I were first requested to view a short video describing the process. We were then requested to complete a brief questionnaire to ensure that we are not suffering from medical conditions that may prohibit our participation such as epilepsy, cardiac conditions etc.. We were then shown into our separate tank rooms. The rooms had showers for washing before and after and were equipped with towels, shower gel, body lotion and ear plugs. They even provide two types of water pillows that can support your head while floating. We had brought our bathing suits in advance.

Galim Israeli Floatation Center Shower

So, what was it like? It was very relaxing. I think it took me a bit more time than my friend to let go, but eventually I did because I literally “woke up” when the tank opened, and the lights went on. It’s also worth mentioning that the Magnesium doesn’t dry or sting the skin. I didn’t even feel the need to use the body lotion.

Galim Israeli Floatation Center Tank

We were given some tea and cookies after that and I went to have a chat with the owner, Jeremy Langford who was very kind and explained all about the scientific background and how his late wife, Yael Langford, a neuroscientist had opened the center further to her research in the field. Jeremy himself is an artist and has made some adaptations to the tanks to make them especially comfortable.

Galim - The Israeli Floatation Center, Owner Jeremy Langford and Israel-Best-Trips

The vibro-acoustic massage is the dry version of a floating tank. You lie on a water bed that is heated to body temperature and hear music while you gently swing on the mattress.

Galim - The Israeli Floatation Center Vibro-Acoustic Massage Bed

In general, most of their clients are people who come for relaxation purposes and relief from stress or tension. Many couples come to celebrate birthdays or other occasions. It isn’t the Dead Sea, since it’s a controlled environment (no sun glare, different salt etc.), but it’s no less relaxing and in the center of Israel. So now you know, and you can come too!

Address: 24 HaYetzira Street, Ramat-Gan

Phone: +972-3-5741133



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