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  • Talma Gotteiner

Zedef Rishon LeZion: Launch of an Evening Menu

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Hi there!

A chef's restaurant called 'Zedef', which in English means 'Seashell' is inviting you to taste its new evening menu. As you can tell from its name, it is a Mediterranean restaurant specializing in fish and seafood. The evening menu is characterized by small portions at reasonable prices and is especially suitable for a late pastime. The 'Zedef' restaurant is owned by chef David Avital. He and his daughter welcome you. I’d like to thank Lev-PR for inviting me to the launch event.


Zedef Chef David Avital Fish and Seafood Restaurant Rishon LeZion

The 'Zedef' restaurant in Rishon LeZion, that became a successful culinary institution since its inception, is launching a new evening menu experience for evening restaurant visitors who are seeking precise, small dishes alongside a drink or cocktail. This accurate evening menu substitutes the lunch menu by centering on an elite dish without the selection of salads, sauces and bread served as part of a main meal.

Zedef Fish and Seafood Restaurant, Rishon LeZion

The new evening menu includes appetizers such as black risotto with touches of asparagus, sashimi lokus on a bed of yogurt, lamb vereniki dumplings and more.

Zedef Fish and Seafood Restaurant, Rishon LeZion

The featured dish of the restaurant is the ‘Coupled Sardines’ (54 NIS). Other recommended dishes are the ‘Sicilian carpaccio with home-made tomatoes’ (48 NIS), ‘Polenta corn with truffle oil and mushroom mix’, ‘Shrimp skewers on the grill in the citrus marinade’ (54 NIS) and more.

Zedef Fish and Seafood Restaurant, Rishon LeZion

And don’t forget the desserts. Depicted below are a trio Sabrina plate, a Millefeulle filled with crème brullee and a halva chocolate-pistachio topped mousse (gluten free).

Zedef Fish and Seafood Restaurant, Rishon LeZion

I’d like to add from my experience that the service is very pleasing as well. The waiters were friendly, quick and knowledgeable about the new menu.

Zedef Fish and Seafood Restaurant, Rishon LeZion

The evening menu is offered daily from 21:00 until the restaurant closes. Occasionally, dishes will be changed on the menu.

Zedef Fish and Seafood Restaurant, Rishon LeZion

Address: Moshe Dayan Blvd., corner of Yosef Sapir 2, Rishon LeZion

Open: Daily between 12:00-24:00

Phone: 03-9627111



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