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  • Talma Gotteiner

'Eretzyr' Tel-Aviv: A Playful Menu

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hi there!

The restaurant has closed since I wrote this article!

What can you do with Israeli food besides cooking it well? (which they do and Kosher too). By the way, the owner, Moti Solomon extends his welcome to you.

Eretzyr Restaurant Tel-Aviv

To answer my question, you can have a menu full of surprises! I loved the concept of their lunch special. You choose the main dish, two sides and a drink and you get a daily surprise. To ease the Sunday blues, they give you a beer. They have 50 Israeli bottled boutique beers and 12 Israeli tap beers at the bar. Monday is their social surprise with a platter for sharing and so on and so forth. They also have a free app that you can use for ordering that gives you a new surprise dish every time you order. Our surprise dish was stuffed falafel with tahini sauce and pickled vegetables. The falafel included two kinds of stuffing, one with eggplant and one with cooked beets. While my son took care of them, I was provided with a delicious gluten-free eggplant salad.

Eretzyr Restaurant Tel-Aviv

With respect to the actual menu, they have a large variety of meats: slow-cooked beef, liver in wine, chicken, burgers, schnitzel, spicy wings, chorizos, meat sandwiches and salads. They even have several gluten free and vegan options. It was nice to be able to choose. Eventually, I chose the roast beef salad and my son took the sloppy ‘Joseph’. We didn’t have to choose side dishes. They brought out the lot so that I could take photos for you. By the way, two of the side dishes change each day as well (one of the salad dishes and one of the rice dishes).

Eretzyr Restaurant Tel-Aviv


Eretzyr Restaurant Tel-Aviv

My son also saved some space for dessert, so he topped it off with an ice-cream cookie sandwich.

Eretzyr Restaurant Tel-Aviv

The location is in the middle of the Israeli hi-tech park ‘Kiryat Atidim’. Thus, during the day they serve lunch to the businessmen in the area and in the evening they re-open as a pub that especially caters to the young religious crowd. In the evening, you can order small portion dishes that are more suitable because the whole menu is available in three portion sizes. The Kosher menu, high quality food and reasonable price make it a recommended location for everyone. I hope you like it as much as we did. I’d like to thank Ilit Ben Dan for inviting us.

Address: 34 HaBarzel St., Ramat Hachayal, Tel-Aviv

Phone: 03-6427945

App: Eretzyr

Good Appetite! or in Hebrew, Beteavon!


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