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New Home Exhibition Part 1: Diur Interiors

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hi there!

Further to my preview of the New Home Exhibition that is currently ongoing till Oct 1st, 2018, I am happy to bring forward to you a series of posts related to some of the Israeli companies presenting there. This post, courtesy of Sabrina-PR is dedicated to DIUR INTERIORS. The owner and CEO extend their welcome to you.

New Home Exhibition 2018, Diur Interiors

Clockwise from Top Left: Zion Segev, Owner and I, Sarit Feinstein, CEO and I and Meron Keinan, Interior Architect with Zion Segev and Sarit Feinstein.

DIUR INTERIORS, is an Israeli company that specializes in the marketing of leading furniture brands from Europe in Israel. This year it is presenting its expanded line of products at the 2018 exhibition, that includes a launch of two new European brands, JOIN BEDS and NOTO, which complement the company's offering for bedrooms and dining areas, JOIN BEDS with their line of beds, chests and commodes and NOTO with buffets and wall systems.

In addition, new models of HJORT KNUDSEN, a Danish-designed seating system in the Scandinavian and Northern European countries that was launched in Israel about a year ago, will be presented this year. The Hjort Knudsen brand has had great success among Scandinavian design lovers and among those who seek to combine fine design alongside functionality and daily use.

Dior Interiors is also displaying quality seating systems from Italy designed and manufactured according to the Dior Interiors design guidelines that are tailored to the needs of the Israeli audience.

Dior Interiors is a veteran company that has been inspiring the world of design and furniture for four decades thanks to the furniture and quality seating systems it designs and imports to Israel. Over the years, the company has presented to its customers furniture items that excel in quality thanks to the combination of advanced technology, quality raw materials and accumulated knowledge of many years of woodworking and upholstery artists from Italy. All these coupled with the deep understanding of the needs of the Israeli client gave rise to items that were often adapted to the local requirements, in terms of size, raw materials and other characteristics deriving from the local culture of hospitality.

New Home Exhibition 2018 Diur Interiors

Innovations for 2019:

JOIN BEDS - a brand new bedroom in Israel combining a tradition of working with prestigious olive wood alongside contemporary and original designs tailored to the customer's personal taste and specific needs. Expertise in wood work, artistic handcrafted tradition, advanced technology and design at the highest level have characterized the brand for more than 40 years. The company has one of the most advanced production plants in its field in Europe, as well as a seasoned design department that designs furniture that stand out in their timeless design, functionality and aesthetics. Few companies know how to work in fine olive wood and combine it with special designs of beds, chests, commodes and even wardrobes. In the various furniture of the JOIN, the absolute control of the wood design tradition can be seen in the creation of ergonomic and functional designs, as well as in the preservation of the striking beauty of the wood, which gives each piece the timeless appearance and uniqueness as an art item in its own right. All of JOIN's furniture lines are made with environmentally friendly materials and finishes that carry the strictest ISO 14001 standards. In Israel, the first collection to be launched, includes the following models: DELFISE, SARA DELIO, and SAFIR model suitable for young couples.

NOTO is a leading furniture brand from Noto mobili by Tzikas, an active furniture design company for more than 50 years. The company offers a wide range of innovative dining areas that integrate harmoniously with both contemporary and classic living spaces. The design tables are characterized by smart and functional solutions that are reflected in options for enlargement and reduction and that can be combined in Mix and Match arrangements with chairs of various designs. The company also offers storage units designed for the living space, which meet the needs of the traditional library. They stand out in their geometric designs and marvelous hidden lighting solutions. These units are aligned with the trend of reduction in oversized furniture. They harmonize with the overall design yet stand out in their beauty without burdening the overall look. The following models are prominent in the collection:

  • VISTA A very large storage facility that manages to hover and combines lighting and glass.

  • PIURE A modular buffet with a large number of options with special units such as a small home office hiding in a hanging bar.

  • Coffee tables that open and double their length and rise in height.

  • Special dining areas with wood and black glass.

New Home Exhibition 2018 Diur Interiors

Above: A table that opens out and can be expanded to each side.

Hjort Knudsen - a leading Scandivanian furniture brand from Denmark and the largest provider of leather and fabric upholstered seating systems and furniture systems for furniture stores in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands. The company also has a wide range of armchairs and chairs that fit into the living space along with seating systems. The product designs range from traditional Danish to new and innovative in their field, and all are offered in fabric and leather. The company has an entire class of TV armchairs made from the quality wood identified with Danish design with clean, simple lines and beautiful curves. Some of the armchairs have advanced technology that allows you to adjust the chair in a number of positions with a simple unnoticable touch. The company's products are offered in a very rich selection of quality fabrics and leather, and the furniture is produced by selected trees typical of northern Europe, including pure oak, birch and beech wood.

Interiors Italy - An exclusive cooperation with a number of leading factories in their fields in Italy enables the presentation of a rich collection of seating systems from Italy that combine the long-standing knowledge and experience of traditional carpentry and work with fine raw materials including high-quality leather and fashionable and functional fabrics. Diur Interiors is currently completing the expansion of the company's main showroom at 8 Giborei Israel Boulevard, in the Poleg Industrial Zone, Netanya. About 200 square meters have been added to the 520 square meter exhibition hall. In the new area of ​​the showroom, the new bedroom brand models will be presented, as well as the dining room models that include tables and chairs in new and innovative designs.

New Home Exhibition 2018 Diur Interiors

Above: A hovering cupboard.

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