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New Home Exhibition Part 2: Hollandia

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hi there!

Further to my preview of the New Home Exhibition that is currently ongoing till Oct 1st, 2018, I am happy to bring forward to you a series of posts related to some of the Israeli companies presenting there. This second post, courtesy of Sabrina-PR is dedicated to HOLLANDIA. Avi Barssessat, the CEO extends his welcome to you.

New Home Exhibition 2018 Hollandia CEO Avi Barseset

Hollandia, a company specializing in sleep engineering for over the past three decades, is expanding its offering to promote quality sleep in Israel. Hollandia is launching a new series of four adjustable sleep systems combining highly designed beds of uncompromising quality with Tempur mattresses equipped with exclusive NASA technology - at prices that make the brand's high-quality beds accessible to the general public. The new series, designed in clean, trendy and contemporary lines, appeals to an audience of young people who are unwilling to compromise on their sleep quality and is offered at prices that are unprecedented for Hollandia ranging from 16,900-19,990 NIS.

New Home Exhibition 2018 Hollandia

Sleep quality has a decisive impact on health, quality of life and a healthy lifestyle. Avi Barssessat, the CEO of Hollandia, who serves as the official representative of the World Sleep Organization in Israel, has been working in recent years to promote quality sleep and create awareness about the importance of sleep for a healthy lifestyle. Avi Barssessat explained that the new series was inspired by the requests of existing customers who appreciate the differences in sleep quality and have asked Hollandia to create a more affordable line that would allow their children to purchase a Hollandia bed while they are young and get used to a quality sleep as soon as possible. After repeated requests Hollandia has responded to the challenge and are launching the new series under the concept HOLLANDIA 4 ALL, which will allow young couples to purchase the first double bed at the highest quality possible, like all Hollandia beds at unprecedented prices. Avi Barssessat further explained that this move will allow young people to enter the luxury world of beds at attractive prices, from 16,990 NIS to 19,990 NIS instead of NIS 50,000 or more and still enjoy all the benefits Hollanda has to offer. Hollandia believes that these young people will grow up and move on to acquire identical beds to those of their parents in recognition of the quality of sleep offered by Hollandia beds.

The series, as mentioned above includes 4 adjustable sleep systems are integrated with high quality tempur mattresses. Each bed has its own characteristics to suit each customer's personal taste. The sleep systems are designed in clean, contemporary and fashionable lines by Hollandia's designers: Elad Naim and Julia Levov who designed the beds out of understanding and identification with the young audience, being themselves young in their late 20s. The beds' design and fit options are endless from a wide range of fabric textures and bed colors and are sold with a warranty for 12 years. The TEMPUR mattress integrated into the new sleep systems is based on a technology developed by NASA to make it easier for astronauts to launch. TEMPUR mattresses provide full body support while perfectly spreading the pressure, so sleeping on these mattresses offers a maximum rest for the body muscles and a particularly luxurious experience. Approximately 1 million NIS were invested in the development and design of the series, and its launch will be accompanied by an advertising campaign in the print, television and digital media at a cost of 1.5 million NIS.

New Home Exhibition 2018 Hollandia

Also for youth:

The HOLLANDIA 4 ALL series is also adding the first bed for teenagers featuring a quality TEMPUR mattress. Tempur International has responded to the challenge posed by Hollandia from Israel and for the first time has agreed to create a 120 cm wide mattress suitable for a youth bed. This innovative sleep system also includes an advanced audio system, USB charger and LED lights at the bottom of the bed because the youth are also entitled to quality sleep. An advanced audio system is located at the back of the bed and the sleeping system has an ergonomic adjustment system with two powerful motors, which can be operated in the area of ​​the legs, shoulders and head with a click or move to vibrating mode to allow for a pleasant and soothing massage. The bed is equipped with removable and washable upholstery and a wheel system that allows for easy movement.

Available sizes: 120X200 cm

Price 5,990 NIS

For more information, please visit: or call 077-9964717



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