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  • Talma Gotteiner

Holon: Café Landwer Launches A New Factory Store and Training Center

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hi there!

Cafe Landwer is the oldest coffee manufacturer in Israel having been established in 1919 and the second largest in Israel.

I am happy to share with you some information on the new factory store and training center that have just been opened in Holon. The complex covers a total area of ​​100 square meteres at an investment of 1.5 million NIS and is intended both for the general public and the professional market.

Cafe Landwer Factory Store and Training Center Holon

The factory store, will receive the products directly from the factory behind it, will be used for the sale of all the Landwer and illy coffee products, coffee blends, related products, aluminum capsules, coffee machines, macchinettas / moka pots, mugs and more and is intended for the general public and coffee lovers who want a richer experience and a variety of unique products in the coffee field. The factory store will also offer products that are sold exclusively at the chain stores and cafés, such as unique coffee blends developed by Landwer, which carry aromas and flavors from exotic regions around the world.

Sample prices include:

  • Landwers capsules - 19.5 NIS per package with special offers such as 10 + 1 and 20 + 4.

  • Illy capsules - 21 units for 45 NIS instead of 52 NIS

  • 1 kg Landwer Coffee beans - 120 NIS or a special offer of 5 kg for 500 NIS.

More offers can be found at the online store (Hebrew website).

The new store at the company's factory joins the concept store operating in Tel-Aviv at Ramat Hahayal and the internet store. More branches are expected to open soon.

Cafe Landwer Factory Store and Training Center Holon

The innovative training center includes 3 work stations, an advanced photography system that enables documentation of the training sessions taking place alongside a spectacular coffee shop with the company's range of products directly from the factory.

The training center is designed for the company's customers in the professional market, coffee shops, hotels and restaurants that work with it and are entitled to ongoing coffee courses.

Cafe Landwer Factory Store and Training Center Holon

Landwer's coffee plant is the most sophisticated and advanced of its kind in Israel. The factory produces quality coffee from the best coffee beans in the world. Café Landwer operates in the retail market through Osem - Nestle, in the professional market serving cafés and restaurants, in the office market in direct contact with offices and in the private market through coffee shops. In addition, Café Landwer is Israel's exclusive importer of Italian illy coffee, the world's most prestigious espresso brand.

Factory Store Contact Details:

Address: 6 HaYovel St., Holon. Phone: 1-700-500-676

If you're a coffee lover, you'll enjoy the experience!

And, if you're looking for things to do in Holon, you can read my previous post.

Best, Talma

Photography: Courtesy of Silvia Golan

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