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  • Talma Gotteiner

Nefartiti: A Fashion Photoshoot of an Inspiring Fall Collection

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hi there!

The Nefartiti fashion chain is launching a fresh fall collection inspired by the leading trends in fashion shows around the world, while maintaining the unique statement and design that is identified with the Israeli founder and designer, Edna Paz.

Edna Paz, Nefartiti Founder and Designer

Above: Edna Paz, Founder and Designer

The Nefartiti fashion chain is known for its flattering evening gowns as well as its casual dresses. The new collection includes an artistic gesture to the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, who used bold vibrant colors, both warm and cold, floral decorations of all kinds and ornamental geometric designs. The new collection inspired by these features has an elegant and sophisticated look.

Nefartiti Fall Collection

As always in Nefartiti, the collection is varied and suitable for a large selection of sizes and body structures as part of Nefartiti's vision to dress every woman and enable her to express a personal fashion statement. The fabrics are chosen with strictness to ensure quality alongside comfort, with an emphasis on adapting the style to the Israeli taste.

The new fall collection uses an assortment of fabrics with strong bursting colors and a multitude of pattersn including: squares, stripes, dots and other trends taken directly from the world's leading fashion capitals. Some of the items include a harmonious combination of luxury fabrics such as velvet, jacquard, muslin and lace along with thicker fabrics that generate an impressive winter look yet, are pleasant and caressing to the touch.

Nefartiti Fall Fashion

In addition, you can find in the new Nefartiti collection beautiful tunics in autumnal colors: warm orange, sour mustard and clay, a beautiful brown earth color. These color combinations are featured in the new fall collection and provide each woman with the ultimate look for seasonal events, recreational occasions as well as chic work apparel.

The sizes range from 42-54 and the prices in the new collection range from 400-800 NIS for shirts and tunics and 800-1800 NIS for dresses and other evening clothes.

Nefartiti branch locations include: * Kabri (near Nahariya) * Kryon - Kiryat-Bialik, * Ayalon Mall - Ramat Gan * Hadar Mall - Jerusalem * Renanim Mall - Ra'anana * Store Hebrew Website Other contacts: Nefartiti Facebook and phone +972-4-9858192. ​​

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