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  • Talma Gotteiner

Puzzleland: New Games for Hanukkah

Updated: May 6, 2020

Hi there!

I am happy to share with you some of the new games available at Puzzleland an Israeli chain that specializes in puzzles and brain games. In Israel, all the games come with dual-language instructions. The launch took place in their store at Dizengoff Center Tel-Aviv.

Puzzleland Management

From Left to Right: Meir Klugheft, chairman of the Toys Division of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and a member of the Presidium, Shahaf Wiseman Puzzleland management and I.

Puzzleland is currently launching Thinkfun's thinking games - known as leaders of fun and challenging games. The games are suitable for children and adults.

From Left to Right: Shahaf Wiseman Puzzleland management, Asher Zionit Puzzleland Dizengoff Center, Judith Lebron Lev PR Owner, Yours Truly and Gilad Ronen Thinkfun brand manager.

One of the most prominent games that is a cornerstone among the thinking games are:

  • Rush HourTM (sold in three versions - a junior, an adult and a two-player version), which provides skills of planning, strategy and spatial perception. The purpose of the game is to free the red car from the traffic jam. Suitable for ages 8+. Consumer Price: 99-119.90 NIS.

  • Circuit MazeTM: The purpose of the game is to close the electrical circuit and turn on the light. The games provides 60 challenge cards for hours of fun. Skills: Visual and spatial perception. For children aged 8 and over. Consumer Price: 149.90 NIS.

  • SwishTM: The aim is to match the cards, so that each ball enters a ring of the same color. You can pile up to as many as 12 cards as long as all the balls match the rings. The winner is the one who made the most matches. Age: 8+. Acquired skills: agility and spatial perception. Consumer price 99.90 NIS.

Puzzleland and Thinkfun's Swish Presented by Gilad Ronen Brand Manager

Above: Gilad Ronen Thinkfun brand manager.

By the way, I came across a fun fact in the Hebrew The Marker magazine. Apparently, SwishTM was invented by two Israelis, Zvi Shalem and Gali Shimoni and was nominated for the 2012 Innovative Toy of the Year Award (TOTY) and later won the Major Fun Award in 2013.

  • Gravity MazeTM: The goal is to build a maze of towers that will allow a marble to pass through from top to bottom and reach the final destination required by the challenge cards. This logic game involves use of visual perception skills. For children aged 8 and over. Consumer Price: 149.90 NIS.

Gravity Maze, Thinkfun and Puzzleland

  • WaveBreakerTM: The aim is to bring the red ship to the harbor while navigating the crashing waves. Age: 8+. Acquired skills: planning and strategy, spatial perception. Consumer price 129.90 NIS.

  • Chocolate FixTM: The objective of the game is to place the chocolate pieces on the tray in their appropriate position based on clues. Suitable for age: 8+. Acquired skills: visual perception and spatial perception. Price: 99.90 NIS.

Chocolate Fix, Thinkfun Puzzleland

  • Balance BeansTM: The goal is to bring the seesaw to a balanced position. The game provides 40 challenge cards. Age: 5+ Acquired skills: spatial perception and math. Consumer price 99.90 NIS.

  • Back SpinTM: The objective is to place all balls inside frames with matching colors while using the double-sided saucer to pass the balls from one side to the other. Age: 8+. Acquired skills: planning, strategy and spatial perception. Price: 99.90 NIS.

Back Spin, Thinkfun, Puzzleland
  • Color Cube SudokuTM: Rotate and turn nine colored cubes, arrange them in a square, in such a way that each color will appear only once per column and per line. Age: 8+ Acquired Skills: Fine motor skills and visual perception. Price: 119.90 NIS.

  • Lunar LandingTM: There are five robots travelling in space, and they are the ones that can help the spaceship located in the center of the board get back to its entry port . Age: 8+. Acquired skills: planning and strategy. Price: 69.90 NIS.

  • HoudiniTM: The goal is to free Houdini from his locked ropes and rings without using force. Age: 8+. Acquired skills: fine motor, eye contact, imagination and creativity, planning and strategy. Consumer price 99.90 NIS.

Puzzleland Store in Dizengoff Center Displaying Thinkfun Games
  • Escape the RoomTM: Solve the mystery and escape from the room before time runs out. Acquired skills: planning and strategy, agility, imagination and creativity. Price: 119.90 NIS.

  • All QueensTM Chess: Its a four-in-a-row game and a chess game fused into one. The goal is to place four queens of the same color in one row. Age: 8+ Acquired skills: planning and strategy, spatial perception. Consumer price 69.90 NIS.

The games are available throughout the Puzzleland chain, which you can see on their website.

Happy Hanukkah! Talma

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