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  • Talma Gotteiner

Nano: Soulful Jewelry

Hi there!

I'm assuming that some of you have read "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" by Richard Bach. A very nice jeweler in Israel called Zohar Ezra felt inspired by the book and created a whole line of philosophical pieces.

Nano Jewelry Jonathan Livingston Seagull

If you haven't read the book, it is about a seagull who tires of the other seagulls' mundane squabbles over food and dedicates his time to improving his flight performance as an allegory about self-perfection. Meet the man behind the seagull! Zohar extends his welcome to you.

Nano Jewelry with Zohar Ezra

Zohar has combined his passion for jewelry design with his love for technology to create a unique line of pendants that impart a sense of luxury and soul in one.

He has developed a method for micrography coating with 24KT gold on gem stones (zirconia, swarovsky crystals or onyx) utilizing specially designed equipment, which he uses to create series of philosophical texts on stones (not philosopher's stones), that people can relate to.

Nano Jewelry

For example, there is a series of religious pendants. For jews he has a David's Star with the whole 'Shma Israel' prayer written in the center. Christians have beautiful pieces with 'The Lords Prayer'. Muslims can relate to necklaces with sections of the Quran. All the prayers come in several languages.

Nano Jewelry, Religious

There is a series of jewels with zodiac signs and even a pendant for animal lovers.

I also liked his good luck pendant which contains an acrostic of the words 'Good Luck' in Hebrew. If you prefer a personal inscription, he can add a gold or silver plate at the back of the pendant with your own dedication.

Nano Jewelry

Last, but not least, he has also has dedicated a series of necklaces to our deserving mothers.

The pendants are all made at his studio and are then set by hand into their necklace clasp. Due to the nano-technology, all of the jewelry is provided with a personal magnifying glass to enable you to read the tiny lettering of the inscriptions. When you open the gift, the effect is exclusive, clever and touching all at the same time.

Nano Jewelry

The prices are surprisingly affordable despite the quality of the materials, the unique technology and artistic value and are in the range of a few hundred NIS.

If you're wondering what I'm wearing, I let my husband choose and got a heart-shaped pendant that states 'I love you' in 120 languages.

Nano Jewelry

In short, Nano jewelry was designed for people who are searching for an original, high quality gift that will manage to convey thoughtfulness and care for the receiver.

It is suitable for several occasions: Hannukah, Christmas, birthdays, proposals, mother's day and much much more. I am certain your loved ones will be truly impressed.

CONTACT: 6 Rabbi Yohanan St., Old Jaffa or on their English Website.

There is also a Hebrew Website. Phone: +972-526-300-122 or 1-700-55-61-66 Email:

Last, but not least, I have a surprise for you!

On my 'Members Only' page, you will find a coupon code which you can use on either website in order to obtain a discount of 50 NIS or $14 depending on which website you are on.

If you're not a member, all you need to do is enter your details on the page in order to sign-up.

​​Best, Talma

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