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  • Talma Gotteiner

'The Secret of Youth': Launching WrinkX

Hi there,

I am happy to share with you some information about a natural cosmetics company that manufactures its products in Israel called "The Secret of Youth". The company specializes in the development and production of dermocosmetic products for the skin from natural botanical concentrates and active ingredients. These are derived from fresh fruits and vegetables grown in Israel utilizing knowledge that has been preserved for thousands of years. "The Secret of Youth" is now launching a new product named WrinkX in reponse to the growing demand for anti-aging treatments.

WrinkX is designed for anyone who feels a decrease in the vitality of their facial skin and wants to boost their overall appearance. WrinkX will help them regain a youthful healthy look and avoid any negative feelings and lack of confidence associated with a more jaded look. This unique formula for skin rejuvenation enhances the most important business card, our face, to give it a new look and light complementing our vibrant interior instead of sending a message of fatigue that affects the way the environment perceives us.

WrinkX Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Pen

The active ingredients in the formula penetrate the depth of the epidermis and are excellent at filling, erasing, and smoothing the skin gradually until the finer lines are blurred. Thus, the product is particularly suitable for the 30-60 age range who will find it effective in maintaining a young, essential appearance with the onset of the first signs of aging.

The significant advantage of the product is that it contains natural ingredients and are suitable for a wide range of skin types. The cream is intended for daily use and the results are immediately apparent, and more significantly within a short period of two to four weeks contributing to the improved appearance of radiant and vibrant skin.

The cream comes in a luxurious elegant package for home as well as in a smaller TO GO version, suitable for carrying in a makeup kit or handbag during your daily activities.

WrinkX Anti-Aging Rejuvenation Pen with its Box

'The Secret of Youth' produces and markets a variety of products for the treatment and rehabilitation of all skin types: oil, dry and mixed, and its products provide a natural solution for various skin problems such as psoriasis, acne, seborrhea, diabetic sores and more. All products are manufactured under strict international standards for licensing. In addition, the company believes in environmental responsibility and is careful to use materials that are environmentally friendly and collect waste for recycling.

Best, Talma

Photography: PR photos by Shai Savag

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