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  • Talma Gotteiner

5US: A Glimpse of the Spring-Summer Collection 2019

Hi there,

The Israeli fashion brand 5US, offers unique items that are designed and manufactured in Israel. The brand is proud of its local manufacturing and is launching a meticulous spring-summer collection for 2019. The new collection includes an assortment of classic, clean, contemporary and trendy designs that are suitable for the Israeli climate.

All the items in the 5US collection are designed for everyday wear and reflect the brand's vision, as suggested by its name. The number 5 symbolizes freedom, love and passion, all of which can be found in the atmosphere of the vibrant studio and the unique items.

5US Spring Summer Collection 2019

The new collection is made up of three different "story" groups, each of which corresponds to the leading trends of the summer of 2019, as seen in fashion capitals and fashion shows around the world:

The first group is the rock group, inspired by the subversive musical genre and includes leather-like items, T-shirts with black and white prints and touches of metallic sequins.

The second group is the sports group and is made up of fabrics and textures inspired by the urban sportswear world. The items are characterized by playful colors and include a palate of white, red, blue, yellow and gray. In addition, you can find items in the collection with striped patterns, pique knitted fabrics, tennis-inspired designs and leather-like items with mesh holes.

The third group is the Boho-chic group, that is derived from the hippie Woodstock Festival atmosphere and features earth colors such as camel, olive, stone and brick in combination with animal prints and bold '70s patterns. One of the most prominent hues of the Boho chic collection is the lemon yellow, which pops against the rest of the colors and gives the entire collection a contemporary modern twist. The collection also includes a selection of dresses and skirts with pleats and tiers.

5US Spring Summer Collection 2019

In addition to the three leading collections, the 5US brand comes with a limited edition T-Shirt collection, that includes messages inspired by the election period and are suitable for the summer of 2019. The T-shirts come in subdued black, white and gray colors alongside fluorescent neon colors and bear messages such as: Choose love, Choose peace, Choose life, Vote for me …

Price ranges for the new collection are: Tops - 169-239 NIS Jackets - 319-349 NIS Dresses - 319-379 NIS Trousers - 279-339 NIS

The items can be purchased at the showroom on 84 Ben Zvi Boulevard in Tel Aviv and in a variety of selected boutiques throughout the country.

Photography: Heli Friedman

Best, Talma

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