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  • Talma Gotteiner

New Purim Sweets and Gluten Free Foods

Hi there, A few more sweets came out just before the Purim holiday as well as a few gluten-free products that I'm happy to share with you.


The "Alma" brand from Gilero, Israel's leading manufacturer of ice cream cones, wafers and cake decorations, has launched a special sweet treat for Purim called "Chocon". A wafer cone filled with puffed rice and chocolate flavored cream - the perfect treat to enhance your Mishloach Manot. The Chocon packaging is colorful and the taste of Alma's crisp, quality wafer cone full of mouth popping treats will delight the children. Each package contains 3 cones. The Chocon does not contain trans fat or any animal ingredients and is suitable for vegans.

GILERO company's factory is situated in Beit Shemesh where it manufactures wafer products and cake decorations that are exported to many countries around the world. The ALMA brand products owned by the company are manufactured using unique technology and good manufacturing practices. Recently, ALMA has launched a series of gluten-free products, including ice cream cones, wafers and gluten-free wafer rolls suitable for celiac and gluten sensitive consumers. KOSHER CERTIFICATE: Kosher Parve under the supervision of Badatz Eda HaCharedit Yerushalayim.

RECOMMENDED PRICE: 10 NIS for a package of 3 cones.

CHOCON, the Alma brand of Gilero


A unique collaboration between GILERO and another Israeli company called HASHAHAR, the maker of the the famous "HASHAHAR" Chocolate Spread", has led to the launch of two new types of Gilero wafers filled with Hashahar chocolate cream or hazelnut cream. The two companies have jointly created two types of wafers that provide a response to the vegan and gluten-free audience. Each wafer contains 3 layers of crispy wafer and 68-70% filling with 15.5% hazelnuts in the hazelnut cream.

The new wafers do not contain legumes (as a substitute for soy lecithin, the wafer is made with rapeseed) or food coloring. They are cholesterol-free, gluten-free and are suitable for vegans.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: Kosher Parve under the supervision of Badatz Eda HaCharedit Jerusalem. The products kosher for Passover.

RECOMMENDED PRICE: approx. 7.90 - 8.90 NIS (125/150 g).

Hashahar filled Wafers by


Achva, Israel's leading manufacturer of Halva, Tahini and pastry products, is launching a new and revolutionary snack: PRO - a sesame based snack enriched with protein. The new snack containing 20% ​​protein, 54% more protein than regular halva and is based on Achva's raw Tahini with less added sugar compared to the vanilla flavored Halva. The snacks will be marketed in 40g packages. The new snack contains 55% raw Tahini that is known for its high nutritional values including high levels of vitamins, minerals, calcium and iron and low sodium content. The protein snack is free of all animal ingredients. Each snack contains 8 grams of protein, 106 mg of calcium, 2 mg of iron and 7 grams of fiber and is suitable for children, athletes, vegans and anyone who needs a high level of protein in their menu and would like to enjoy a snack. The snacks will be sold in the food chains in a special and stylish stand that includes 24 units.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: Kosher Parve under the supervision of Badatz Eda HaCharedit Jerusalem.

RECOMMENDED PRICE: 2.5 - 3 NIS for packing 40 grams.

Achva Halva Pro Snacks


Schär, Europe's leading brand of gluten-free products, is expanding the category of Gluten-Free Snacks in Israel with a new snack: Chocolix - a crispy biscuit filled with caramel-flavored cream coated with milk chocolate. The chocolate is a Twix-style snack, a crisp biscuit filled with caramel-colored cream, containing 32% milk chocolate and 30% caramel-colored cream, coated with a rich layer of milk chocolate, gluten-free and of course an addictive taste. Chocolix is marketed in a 5-unit package and will be sold in the private nature stores and selected food chains.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: Kosher Dairy under the supervision of the Ferrara Rabbinate and with the approval of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

RECOMMENDED PRICE: about 25.90 NIS for a package of 5 units (110 grams).

Chocolix by Schär


Schär, Europe's leading producer of gluten-free products, is launching a new nutritious and delicious gluten-free breads with no preservatives and no need to freeze: 'Pan Multigrano', 'Pan Blanco' and 'Pan Rustico' breads. The improved recipe contains less sodium, less fat, no palm oil and more fiber. All the breads come in an innovative packaging that preserves the freshness of the bread, prevents the need for freezing and ensures the taste, texture and wonderful smell of real bread.

'Pan Multigrano' is a fresh multi-grain bread rich in flavor. 'Pan Blanco' is a fresh bread with a delicate texture, especially suitable for children and wonderful for sandwiches for kindergarten or school. 'Pan Rustico' is a fresh country bread enriched with flax seed, sunflower and millet. All breads are a source of dietary fiber and are suitable for vegans as they do not contain lactose, milk and eggs.

The fresh packaging is a wonderful solution for travelers. The compact package fits into each case and allows for a spontaneous lifestyle.

In Israel, the Schär products are marketed by Liv, a distributor that specializes in the marketing and distribution of organic, natural and vegan foods, as well as lactose-free and gluten-free products.

The breads will be marketed in a variety of chains: Nitzat HaDuvdevan, Teva Castel, Tiv Taam, Anis, AM: PM, a food center and private nature stores.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: Kosher Parve Baking of Israel under the supervision of the Berlin Rabbinate and with the approval of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

RECOMMENDED PRICE: 17.90 NIS for a package of 250 grams.

Above Photograph: A PR photograph of Schär.

Happy Purim! Talma

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