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  • Talma Gotteiner

Tik HaTikim: Innovations in Luggage and Travel Bags

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Tik HaTikim is the largest network in Israel for bags and suitcases with representation in 24 stores throughout the country. The chain addresses a diverse target audience, and holds a wide variety of bags suitable for diverse needs including: suitcases, travel bags, purses, school bags, women's bags, men's bags, business bags and laptop computer bags.

Tik HaTikim Owners

Above: With owners Yuval Ben Tov and Eli Kenigsberg

Accordingly the chain sells most of the brands in the industry including: Samsonite, WEEKEND, AOTIAN, Jeep Echolac, Delsey, Roncato, Bond and Schlesinger in the luggage sector. Other fashion brands include "Lee Cooper" "Vigor" "Francesca" "SHE'S", "Lucca", "Ripani, "Bruno Rossi", "Kipling", "Tony Perotti" portfolios and more.

Tik HaTikim Ayalon Mall

Above: Sara Katan, employee at Tik HaTikim Ayalon Mall

In light of the pending travel season, Tik HaTikim presented a variety of innovations in luggage and travel bags designed to meet the increase in low cost flights worldwide, while ensuring fair prices. One of the most notable innovations for the coming year is a collapsible trolley suitcase that expands and shrinks for short trips. It also functions as a suitcase that can enter a large suitcase on long journeys. The suitcase has an ergonomic trolley handle that is easily removable, with an intelligent partitioning of the internal compartment. In the closed position, the case is only 10cm thick so it fits in every storage compartment. Consumer price 179 NIS.

Tik HaTikim Collapsible BOND trilley

Above: The collapsible Bond trolley suitcase. Photograph by Studio Yael and Naomi.

A second novelty are small trolleys that fit the storage cells on low cost flights and are made of highly durable polyester fabric. The trolley measures 49X20X40 cm. Consumer price 149 NIS.

With respect to large suitcases, Tik HaTikim presented rigid, high-quality suitcases made from an elastic ABS material that prevents damage to the body of the suitcase and remains intact even when loaded with a heavy weight. Both factors are important for transit flights in which the luggage undergoes much handling. The suitcases are equipped with four wheel systems that turn a full 360 degrees. The variety includes bright and prominent colors for quick identification on the conveyor belt. The comsumer price for a 2-piece set of luggage (large and medium) is 499 NIS.

Tik HaTikim High Quality Suitcases

Safe Travels! Talma

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