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  • Talma Gotteiner

Anonima: Toy Hits for Passover

Hi there,

"Anonima", an Israeli importer and distributor of a huge selection of children's products from the leading brands in the world, is launching a variety of figures, dolls and toys for the Passover holiday, including collectibles of the world's best hits: BOXY GIRLS, POMSIES, ORBEEZ, SQUEEZAMALS and GRUMBLIES! These were some of the most sought after gifts in the US for Christmas and 2019 New Year!


Anonima has started to sell the new hit BOXY GIRLS, an American brand of fashion dolls, dressed in the latest fashion. The dolls are marketed in a package that includes 5 closed gift boxes containing items that have just arrived "by order over the Internet". The children do not know what is in the boxes, and it is a surprise for them to discover the items that are carefully packed in each box. In the shipping packages you can find a variety of items including clothing items, shoes, accessories, jewelry and more, suitable for the doll. The fashionable doll also has long hair that can be combed and set into different hairstyles.

The doll series contains 4 figures: Anna, Mila, Kiki and Hazel, who are 23 cm long. There is also a separate package containing 6 gift boxes (without a doll), thus increasing the dress accessories for the dolls.

Price: 129 NIS for a package of doll + 5 gift boxes. 69 NIS for a packaging of 6 gift boxes.

In addition to the dolls, the brand offers additional dolls series: A mini dolls series that includes 6 models of small 8 cm dolls.

Each package contains a doll plus 3 surprise boxes. Price: 49.90 NIS.

An animal series including a monkey, an owl, a cat and a dog. Each package contains an animal and two surprise boxes, containing a variety of items for animals including a collar, food utensils and more. Animal size - 4 cm.

Price: 49.90 NIS.

Recommended Age: All series are suitable for children aged 6 and up.

Boxy Girls Distributed by Anonim


Pomsies are an interactive fur doll, responsive to touch and pressure. When you stroke the doll and press it on the nose, it issues a variety of sweet sounds. The color of the eyes also changes to different glowing colors indicating its mood, and its tail quivers. The doll has 50 different reactions! The long tail of the pomsies can wrap itself around the wrist, a bag, a ponytail, the shoes, and so on, so you can take it anywhere. The doll comes with a custom brush for grooming and pampering. The series includes 5 dolls in a variety of colors.

Recommended Age: 3 and up. Price: 129 NIS

Pomsies Distributed by Anonima

ORBEEZ The Orbeez is a round magic container that looks like it contains transparent jelly balls. But if you fill it with water a cute creature will magically appear in the container! You can take the creature out to play with, you can leave it in the container with the water or you can empty the water and the cute creature will disappear ...

The Orbeez have arrived in two series, each with 10 characters for collecting and playing. The size of the container is 9 cm.

Recommended Age: 5 years and up. Price: 49.90 NIS.

Orbeez Distributed by Anonima


Squeezamals are soft and pleasant figures to touch and press that also give off a pleasant and intoxicating smell. They come in a variety of models, sizes and shapes, such as desserts (shapes of marshmallows, ice cream, cake etc.), sweet emoticons, animals and more. Some models are offered as a key holder that can be attached to a bag, wallet, keys and more. The dolls can be placed on the bed or shelf for decoration and of course for hugging and caressing. Caution: You can not stop sniffing and stroking ...

Squeezamals comes in 7 series, each with 7-10 characters. The sizes range from 6 - 20 cm.

Recommended Age: 3 and up. Prices: 29.90 NIS, 49.90 NIS or 99.90 NIS depending on the model.

Squeezamals Distributed by Anonima


The grumblies are interactive, furry and funny monsters, which, when pressed on the stomach, react with song, laughter, curses, scolding, swelling and more. These are creatures that live in hiding and not everyone gets to know them. They are jerky, naughty and impatient, and each has 40 different responses and sounds that will surprise you every time. The series includes 4 characters.

Recommended Age: 3 and up. Price: 149 NIS,

Grumblies Distributed by Anonima

Happy Passover! Talma

PHOTOGRAPHY: PR Photos by Anonima

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