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  • Talma Gotteiner

Dori Csengeri: Sensational Jewelry

Hi there,

Dori Csengeri is an internationally acclaimed artist with offices in the US and Europe, but home-based in Tel-Aviv. A textile designer by trade who collaborates regularly with Swarovski for its trend collections, Dori Csengeri creates haute couture pieces that are cited worldwide as well as her own sophisticated ready to wear selections. Dori Csengeri is happy to present her new summer collection to you.

Dori Csengeri's Workshop

Above: Dori Csengeri and her husband and partner on the terrace of her workshop, a piece from her private collection and a piece in the making

Dori Csengeri's new summer collection sets aside global fashion trends and brings subversive and individualistic innovation of its own, inspired by the Tel-Aviv urban landscape that surrounds it, the sun, the sea and the local culture that is unparalleled in the world. All these connect to a luxurious collection full of color and personal statement, allowing Dori Csengeri to reinvent herself and create jewelry with her rare, exciting and elegant touch.

Dori Csengeri

Above: Haute Couture

The NORA assembly is based on dramatic games between geometrical shapes common to black and white, reminiscent of luxurious European marble floor tiles. The color distribution is asymmetrical and therefore creates a striking look that cannot be ignored and conspicuous style.

The KIRA collection was created as part of a search for ethnic artistic roots. Csengeri combined fabric buttons of variable colors with handmade needlework. The bold colors of red, green, yellow and black generate a popular and feminine atmosphere.

Dori Csengeri

Above: Shop Display

The BROOKE assembly combines Israeli feminine daring with a blue-turquoise look that sparkles against the ageless jeans. It is a light collection, suitable for all hours of the day and a wide range of personal styles: casual, elegant, luxurious and more.

The AYANNA collection draws its inspiration from the freedom and wilderness of the safari and combines the sandy colors and leapord prints with leather elements. The addition of sparkling crystals in turquoise, green and gold hues complement the collection and make it a vibrant work of art.

Dori Csengeri

Above: Shop Display

The ROMY & TAYLOR assembly is actually a combination of two luxurious collections made of original and flattering compositions. The integrated collection conveys harmony and lightness, making it perfect for the summer evenings, using round and flowing shapes and contrasting materials such as seashells and Swarovski stones.

Shop Address: 226 Dizengoff St., Tel-Aviv and English Website

Phone: 03-6043272

Best, Talma

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