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  • Talma Gotteiner

Barbara Beauty

Hi there,

You are invited to meet Barbara - a cosmetologicst who specializes in acne and pigmentation problems and advanced anti-aging treatments, owner of the Barbara Beauty Treatment Center.

Barbara was drawn to the field of cosmetics from a very young age, when she began to suffer from acne and sought a natural solution for herself, which led her to her self-experimentation with plant based products.

Barbara Beauty

When she immigrated to Israel alone, she combined her studies at the boarding school with hard work in the cosmetics field, and began to receive private clients for beauty treatments such as makeup, hairstyling and eyebrow shaping.

She studied biotechnology and life sciences in addition to official courses in cosmetics both in Russia and Israel through which she gained extensive professional knowledge about skin structure, physiological processes and various chemical treatments.

Barbara Beauty

Today, Barbara combines her natural aptitude with vast and diverse professional knowledge and has more than 40 diplomas, including biotechnology that adorn the walls of her beauty salon. She focuses not only on the treatment of acne, but also on the anti-aging treatments which she tries first and foremost on herself, as she has always done. All her treatments are combined with facial massages that aid skin absorption of the active ingredients.

She believes that customer care is based on personalization and tailored treatment. Therefore, she conducts an in-depth assessment of her clients health and skin care practices before initiating the first session. Her personalized treatement results in beautiful results in cases of pigmentation, acne and skin aging.

Barbara Beauty

Barbara's motto is that our skin has been with us all our lives and is not replaceable, so we must protect it and invest in it. She declares that she is happy and complete that she realizes her mission and is proud of the fact that customers are given spectacular skin, high self-confidence and quality of life.

Contact Details

Barbara Beauty, 58 Weizmann St., Kfar Saba Phone: 054-4335050 or Hebrew website.

Best, Talma

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