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  • Talma Gotteiner

Geoni Games: Launching Scarabya

Hi there,

The Israeli games manufacturer "Geoni" (in Hebrew "Genius") that specializes educational games for children, has launched a new game called Scarabya, a challenging strategy game for the whole family that encourages the development of thinking and planning strategies, focusing and attention, spatial perception, problem solving and creativity. You can read my previous article regarding additional games.

Scrabya, Geoni Games


A spectacular discovery was revealed by the archaeological community! An ancient symbol, in the form of a gold scarab, was recently discovered. Mysteriously, the signs of its presence were discovered simultaneously in four archaeological sites located at four corners of the globe.

Each player has been elected to lead a group of archaeologists who will set up excavation sites in the depths of the sea, in the desert, on the icy plains or in the jungle. The more scarab remnants are collected, the closer the player will be to solving the mystery. Will YOU be able to map the site optimally and expose the scarabs?

Each game consists of 12 rounds. Each round begins by having one of the players revealing a task card. This card guides the players which tile to use. The players then place the appropriate tiles on their camp board in accordance with the instructions. Each round ends when all players place game tiles on the campsites under their responsibility, according to the instructions of the selected task card. The tiles help map the camp and expose as many scarabs as possible. The player who managed to uncover the most scarabs wins!

The game contains 4 frames that delineate the archaeological site; 4 sets composed of 4 panels for the construction of the archeological site; 4 sets of 12 different tiles for performing on-site tasks; 4 sets of 8 rocks; 72 coins of gold scarabs worth 1-4 points; 12 task cards. Suitable for 1 to 4 participants. The game has several difficulty levels and the game board changes according to the number of participants.

Suitable for children aged 8 years and up.

Price: 119 - 139 NIS.

Playing Scarabya

The game comes with multilingual instructions and is available at Tzomet Sefarim, Steimatzky, in chains and toy stores.

In addition to board games, Geoni has magnetic learning games. The games promote original thinking and strategy and develop understanding, differentiation and memory. The games are developed by professionals including an occupational therapist, a language editor and a speech therapist, in order to create interesting games that combine pleasure and interest for the child and the entire family.

The games meet Israeli standards, made of durable, rigid and non-toxic materials, and are recommended by occupational therapists and speech therapists.

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