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  • Talma Gotteiner

The "Secret of Life" are Sharing a Few Secrets

Hi there,

The Israeli company, "The Secret of Youth" specializes in the development and manufacturing of dermocosmetic products for the skin from natural botanical concentrates and active ingredients. The products are derived from fresh fruits and vegetables grown in Israel and are completely manufactured in Israel. I previously wrote about their new WrinkX product that provides an immediate solution for those who wish to refresh their look before an important meeting (/date?) by literally erasing fine lines within minutes. The company has recently renewed its activity in Israel after establishing its status as a leading natural cosmetics company in the world. The company's products are sold successfully in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, USA and now also in Israel.

This time I met with Rami Maimon, CEO and Ronit Koryanski, Operations Marketing and Sales Director in a special launch event where I learnt more abut their additional product lines.

The Secret of Youth

Above: Rami Maimon, CEO and Ronit Koryanski, Operations Marketing and Sales Director

AClear is a series that fights the symptoms of problematic youthful skin in three simple steps: cleansing, treatment and rehabilitation. The series is based on the unique composition of natural ingredients that have been shown to help in the treatment, care, balancing and protection of problematic skin. The series provides deep cleansing and sebum control of the facial area and contributes to the feeling of fresh, smooth, non-oily skin.

PsoSilk is a natural therapeutic line based on whole fruits and vegetables, to relieve the symptoms typical of dry, flaky reddish skin. The series helps remove flaky skin by gentle peeling, soothes the irritated area and nourishes the skin with moisture. The series' products have been clinically proven.

DiaCare is a series that relieves injured skin. Its unique fruit and vegetable blend includes papaya (rich in natural papain), known for its wound healing properties and improvement of circulation. The series helps to heal wounds, protect the skin and restore it, removes pollutants and nourishes it.

AntiAging is a series of products that restore aging skin and protect it against environmental damage. The products stimulate and improve the appearance of skin and wrinkles. In the series you can find products for firming, smoothing and nourishing of the facial skin.

WrinkX as mentioned above is an instant fix product. It can be used at any time and place, reduces wrinkle appearance within minutes to improve skin appearance and flexibility in the short and long term.

The Secret of Life

You can purchase their products online through their English website.

Best, Talma

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