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  • Talma Gotteiner

A Delectable Meeting at Meat Point

Hi there,

Meat Point is a new premium quality butcher's shop in Herzelia Pituach. The place was opened about a year by two Israeli brothers-in-law who partnered with the largest fresh meat supplier in Israel to bring high quality fresh meat to the center of Israel.

Tamir Aniv, a former pilot of El Al for 25 years and Reuven Bar a former intelligence man are the two brother-in-laws who share a passion for meat. The two decided on a fundamental change in their comfortable careers and decided to embark on a new adventure in their late 60s. The two extend their welcome to you.

Meat Point Owners Reuven Bar and Tamir Aniv

Left to Right: Owners Tamir Aniv and Reuven Bar

Together, the two have created an innovative meat-selling experience through an online site that provides fresh, high-quality meat to the customer's home within two hours from when the order is made. The merchandise is sold and packed from their beautiful store located in Herzliya Pituach, a large and aesthetic space with excellent merchandise and accompanying products to complete the experience. My delectable meeting, courtesy of Chef Benny Ben Israel, introduced me to their select meats.

Chef Benny Ben Israel at Meat Point, Herzliya Pituach

Above: Chef Benny Ben Israel

The third and central part of the partnership is Akram Dabah, owner of the 'Dabah Meat House', known for its meat quality and reasonable prices. Reuven Bar explained that he used to spend so much time driving frequently up north to purchase meat that he became closely acquinted with Akram Dabah. The idea for Meat Point was born after recognizing that several people in the central region are constantly searching for quality meat that is easily accessible and at an attractive price. Tamir Aniv explained that he joined the other two after visiting the cattle farms and seeing the level of standards maintained.

Meat Point Herzliya Pituach

The two brothers-in-law decided to take action and change the way meat is sold. The source of the meat is Israeli cattle grown in the Galilee and the Golan Heights, in high-quality breeding areas, with strict emphasis on the living conditions and feeding of the livestock and the method of slaughter.

They placed great emphasis on the visibility of the place, which is aesthetic and meticulously clean and is designed to provide quality not only in the products but in the entire shopping experience. In parallel the establishment of a friendly online site supports their vision of accessibility.

Meat Point Herzliya Pituach

Above: With Tamir Aniv and Chef Benny Ben Israel

The high quality products include a variety of fresh meat, lamb and poultry products, as well as frozen meat products, fine wines, Israeli brewed beers, BBQ equipment, spices, Galilee olive oil, other related products and even recipes. The products are slaughtered in a kosher manner but do not have kosher certificates since the place is open on Saturdays and makes deliveries on Shabbat.

Over the past year, one of the hallmarks of the place has become the 'Arais'. Meat Point has become a pilgrimage institution for local workers who visit the place every afternoon to eat what they call "the best Arais in the city" - a pita filled with quality spicy meat baked in a large yellow tabun oven.

Arais in the Tabun at Meat Point Herzliya Pituach

Address: Meat Point, 3 Abba Eban Blvd. Herzliya Pituach

Phone: 09-7440909 or Hebrew Website

Best, Talma

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