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  • Talma Gotteiner

A New Concept Store of the Israeli Mattress Company 'Olympia'

Hi there,

I am happy to share with you some information about a new concept store that is being opened by a veteran Israeli manufacturer called 'Olympia'.

Olympia has been an Israeli mattress maker for the past 40 years, and until now its products have been marketed in various stores and to large institutions including hotels and even hospitals. In recent years, the company has expanded its marketing reach to include an online platform as well as its factory store.

Olympia Owners in New Concept Store Kfar Saba

Left to Right: Two of the three owners Avraham, Nirav and Nataf Kashi.

The company has a high reputation for the quality of mattresses and the service it provides to its customers, which due to its manufacturing capabilities allows tailoring to specific sizes and needs. It enjoys several repeat customers who are also invited to enjoy its higher accessibility through the new concept store.

Olympia has now opened its first flagship store in the city of Kfar Saba at the Pa'amon Center. The store will provide buyers with full advice related to ergonomic comfortable sleeping, choice of the right mattress, pillows and bed, including advice on the atmosphere in the sleeping area that is most conducive to restful sleep.

The store will present a full array of rooms and contemporary concepts for various ages. It will display room designs for the younger population including couples and youth as well as to the elderly population that suffers from back problems and other conditions that require special solutions for comfort.

Olympia's New Concept Store Kfar Saba

Above: Modeling the boy's room and the girl's room with friends.

An additional service that will be provided in this store termed 'OLYMPIA ART' will include tailoring of the beds, which will allow design of the beds and not only the mattresses according to the specifications of the buyers and / or architects. As part of this service each specification related to size, material or design idea will be produced TAILOR MADE. The flexibility of this service will enable a couple to choose different specifications of softness for each side of the double mattress that they order in case of different preferences of each.

The company's products comply with all European standards and incorporate advanced cutting-edge manufacturing technologies that provide sleep comfort, body support, a mattress with breathing fabrics and air openings that preclude the need to turn over the mattress.

Store Location: 5 Yochanan HaSandlar St. Kfar Saba Phone: *2857 or Hebrew Website

Best, Talma

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