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  • Talma Gotteiner

Agranat Arnon: Say 'No' to Mosquitos

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Hi there,

This article is dedicated to my Israeli readers. There are English speakers in Israel and this is for them, my fellow mosquito haters, because I have a solution that I want to share with you.

Agranat Arnon: Say 'No' to Mosquitos
Me, in combat.

Some Facts About Mosquitoes

The female mosquito is the one that actually stings us to use the protein in our blood for the development of the eggs that she lays. The mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that we emit in our breath, the scent and moisture of our body odor that the body emits when sweating. That is how mosquitoes find us even at night and in the dark. Contrary to popular belief, they are not attracted to light.

What Basic Steps Must be Taken to Destroy the Mosquitoes?

The most effective way to destroy mosquitoes is through dedicated and professional traps adapted to the type of mosquito. First, a suitable trap should be placed to eliminate the adult mosquitoes of the applicable breed in the garden. The correct location for laying the trap is in a shady, moist place in between the shrubs and plants. All water sources in the garden should be turned off, thus neutralizing the places where the eggs were laid. Lastly, a trap is recommended to eliminate the laying of eggs and larvae.

In Israel, both the nocturnal mosquitoes and the Asian Tiger mosquitoes breed locally and can be treated and destroyed. Both with the help of a mosquito trap that is suitable for the type of mosquito that has settled in your garden and, if necessary, also an ecological spray that is not harmful to the environment. Unfortunately, there is no single mosquito trap that can destroy all types of mosquitoes. Even the Culex and Asian Tiger breeds require separate traps.

How Can You Differentiate Between the "Culex" Night Mosquitoes and the "Asian Tiger" Mosquitoes?

The night mosquitoes are brown in color, and the Asian Tiger mosquito is deep black in color with white dots. Also, Asian Tiger mosquitoes are mainly active during the day, in the morning and in the evening compared to the Culex mosquitoes that are active at night.

The night mosquitoes usually fly high, near the ceiling and at heights, while the Asian Tigers that do not have good flying ability maintain lower altitudes, which is why they are so common in gardens and detached houses and why they bite more commonly on the lower limbs.

The bites of Asian Tiger mosquitoes are more painful and the redness stays on for a long time and they are known to transmit diseases such as Nile Fever and other contagious diseases.

Agranat Arnon's Solution

Agranat Arnon Ltd. are an Israeli extermination and fumigation company that I wrote about when the Covid-19 outbbreak started.

Since they also handle mosquitos, the first stage is to invite a representative of the "Agranat Arnon" company to visit your garden and home and determine which type of mosquito is breeding there. To save time, you can kill a mosquito, place it on a white sheet, take a photo and send it via WhatsApp to 054-7700023 for identification and continuation of the process.

Agranat Arnon has recently started marketing the mosquito traps of a German company called Biogent, that has developed two leading and sophisticated traps with proven results that destroy the common types of mosquitoes. Both are the result of 15 years of research and development conducted at the University of Regensburg in Germany (registered patent), in which each trap is designed for a specific type and breed of mosquito.

The professional trap for catching the night mosquitoes, moths and various night flies can be placed anywhere, but is mainly used in gardens, balconies, swimming pools, cafes, hotels etc. Price 629 NIS.

The professional Asian Tiger trap is the only one in the world that was specifically developed to capture this breed. The trap will also catch other night insects, but in a significantly lower amount. The uniqueness of this trap in a special bait that sucks and traps the mosquitoes into it by a powerful internal fan. Price 789 NIS.

Why Did Agranat Arnon Choose Biogent?

Most of the traps that exist today work on the basis of ultraviolet light. The light attracts the night mosquitos. Then the trap scorches and electrifies them, breaking their bodies into fragments that disperse in the surrounding air that you breathe and which can also transmit diseases. Moreover, since the Asian Tiger mosquito operates during the day and in the evening, light is not effective on it.

Biogent traps have an exclusive development that is based on four mosquito attraction factors:

  • Heat emitted from the bulbs and engine and mimics the heat of our bodies.

  • Carbon dioxide produced by a chemical reaction in the trap is added to an air stream that mimics our breath.

  • The trap sucks the mosquitoes into a collection tank without electricity. The system pumps them intact without blowing them up and scattering them into the air we breathe. The effect is noiseless and devoid of the accompanying odor.

  • Ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 365 mm.

Also, in case you were wondering, the range of effectiveness of Biogent's traps is within a radius of a few meters, so they are expected to cover your garden alone. The neighbors will have to place their own traps if they too want to enjoy a mosquito free garden.

The new traps come with bait material for two months covering the main summer months. Additional material can be purchased online or by phone with free home delivery. The traps can be returned within 14 days, the cost of which will be billed to the customer.

Are you ready to get rid of the darn mosquitos and enjoy a pleasant evening in your garden? I am.



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