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  • Talma Gotteiner

Ahava Ktana: Personalized Umbrellas for Kids

Hi there!

In light of the pending rains, studio "Ahava Ktana" (i.e. "Little Love"), that specializes in the design and production of personalized gifts is offering adorable little umbrellas, which you can order with your child's name and a cute illustration to choose from.

The umbrellas are designed with a white background overlaid with high-quality waterproof printing of the child's name and one of several illustrations. There are several themes to choose from. These include: an ice cream parlor, a unicorn, an astraunaut theme, toy cars, a woodland theme, a tipi tent, a little love theme, Bambi with friends and more. The umbrellas are of a high quality and are safe to use for children. The handle is made of wood, and its rivets are covered for protection.

Ahava Ktana: Personalized Umbrellas for Kids
Photo Credit: Ayala Gerafin, Ahava Ktana Studio

The personalized umbrella allows easy and convenient identification at the end of the school day. The "Ahava Ktana" studio offers a variety of unique personalized gifts for various uses: kitchen utensils, school stationary and equipment, children's games, home decor, birth packs, birthdays, holidays and more. All items are manufactured only upon ordering. To each of the items, you can add a name, a personal greeting or an inspirational phrase (depending on the product). Various inspirational phrases are suggested on the website.


The umbrellas can be purchased through the store's Hebrew website and be sent home conveniently. It is also possible to pamper your grandchild or any other lucky child, and surprise them by direct delivery to their home. They even deliver abroad.



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