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  • Talma Gotteiner

Ahava Ktana: The Hanukkah Collection

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Hi there!

The Israeli studio "Ahava Ktana" (i.e. "Little Love") that specializes in designing and manufacturing unique personalized gifts has launched a special gift collection for Hanukkah, with charming illustrations related to the holiday. Among other things, the studio offers an entertaining family trivia game to evoke lots of laughter and have fun in the holiday spirit.

You can add a name and / or personal caption to all the products.

Ahava Ktana: The Hanukkah Collection
Credit: Ayala Gerafin, Ahava Ktana Studio

The Hanukkah collection includes:

  • An allowance box with a play on the Hebrew word term for allowance "Dmei Kees" that they have spelled as 'Kiss'. It is a metal box, 5.2 * 5.2 cm for keeping the Hanukkah gelt and other monetary gifts. The box comes filled with gilded chocolate coins (kosher, dairy). Price: 14 NIS.

  • A Hanukkah candle box - a metal box, 14 * 10 cm, with 44 colored wax candles. Price: 29 NIS.

  • A Sufganiyot box - a metal box, 21 x 21 x 8 cm for storing the holiday doughnuts or 'Sufganiyot'. After the holiday you can use the box to store regular doughnuts or other baked goods. Price: 47 NIS.

  • A scented candle - a candle with a pleasant scent, in a round metal box 8 cm wide and 3.5 cm high. The high-quality candle remains lit for about 4 hours and is perfect for eliminating the scents of frying. Price: 38 NIS.

  • A piggy bank - a cylindrical metal box, 8.5x11.5 cm, with a grooved lid for inserting coins. The box contains 44 colored wax candles. After using the candles, the box becomes a savings box. Price: 42 NIS.

  • The Family Trivia Game. As stated above, it is an entertaining game for the holiday. It includes 48 cards with questions that only family members know the answers to. For example: Who is the lucky one who always wins prizes? Who do you turn to when you need a good idea? Who is the biggest bookworm? Who do you ask for a recommendation for a good book? Who is most active in the family WhatsApp? and more. Price: 66 NIS. The game also has an expanded version, which also includes 8 erasable personal boards, 10 erasable colored markers and 50 heart tokens. Price: 115 NIS.


All products are easily purchased through the studio's Hebrew website and can be sent directly to your or the receiver's home.

Happy Hanukkah!


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