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  • Talma Gotteiner

Ahava Ktana: The Passover Collection

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Hi there!

Studio "Ahava Ktana" (i.e. "Little Love"), that specializes in the design and production of personalized gifts has launched a wonderful collection of special, joyful spring gifts for the Passover holiday. Each gift has an inscription that can be personalized, making them both thoughtful and fun to give and receive.

Ahava Ktana: The Passover Collection
Clockwise from top left: The flowerpot, recipe book, pillowcase and matzah box. Photo Credit: Ayala Gerafin, Ahava Ktana Studio

The holiday collection includes:

  • A high quality metal Matzah holder - compact and comfortable, suitable for a single matzah packaging. Its dimensions are 12 * 20 cm with a matte metallic finish and a high quality print that lasts for years. Price: 38 NIS.

  • A canned box stating "Leil Shimurim" (i.e. "A Wakeful Night") - the designed canned box has the printed statment on high-quality, durable vinyl and contains hidden milk chocolate candies that are Kosher for Passover. It is 8 cm in diameter and 3.5 cm high, with a built-in can opener. The decorative box is a nice addition to the Seder table. Price: 24 NIS.

  • A pillowcase with a personal family design: This year everyone will have pillows fit for a king to recline on in accordance with the holiday mitzvah. The pillowcase is white and fits a standard pillow size of 50 cm * 70 cm. The high quality print is durable. Price: 35 NIS per pillowcase or 4 pillowcases at 100 NIS.

  • A designed kitchen towel for the holiday, made of 100% absorbent soft cotton fabric, which will remain so for years to come. Dimensions 33 cm * 54 cm. Price: 35 NIS. A personal recipe book for Passover recipes: 80 pages of 120g paper. The book has a soft cover and is moisture resistant. Page size 5A. Price: 38 NIS.

  • A vintage metal matzah box made of high quality metal packaging and durable vinyl printing. The box is well-sealed and suitable for preserving the crispness of the matzahs. Dimensions 21 cm by 21 cm. Price: 47 NIS.

  • A cup coaster with a floral spring design. A different name can be added to each coaster. Price: 14 NIS.

  • A designed sticker set for marking "Kosher for Passover" and "Chametz" on the kitchen cabinets: for convenient and quick orientation in the kitchen. At the end of the holiday the stickers can be easily removed without leaving any marks. Rectangular 2 cm * 4 cm vinyl stickers, printed with matte finish on an 18.5 cm * 13 cm sheet. Contains 15 "Chametz" stickers and 9 "Kosher for Passover" stickers. Price: 10 NIS.

  • A gift box with walnuts. The cylindrical metal box is 6 cm in diameter and 10 cm high with a vintage finish and a durable vinyl sticker. The box contains walnuts. Price: 22 NIS.

  • A flowerpot of spring seeds in a decorated tin box. The flowerpot comes with basil or cherry tomato seeds for a happy spring filled with blossoms and renewal. The flowerpot is designed as a tin can, 9 cm in diameter and 8.5 cm high and contains peaty soil and seeds. Price: 46 NIS.

  • Holiday-themed games, in compact metal boxes: "Shtayim Mi Yodea?" (i.e. "Two, who knows?"), a memory game that includes 17 pairs of quality playing cards and "Arba Mi Yodea?" (i.e. "Four, who knows?") A game of quartets featuring 11 quality quartet cards. Price: 35 NIS.

  • Festive and special gift boxes that combine various products: a recipe book and kitchen towel (73 NIS); a matzah box, recipe book, nut box, game and kitchen towel (167 NIS); a matzah stand, nut box and flowerpot or towel (95 NIS); a recipe book, nut box and towel (95 NIS).


The gifts are easily purchased through the studio's Hebrew website and can be sent directly to your or the receiver's home.

For the holiday, the deliveries are at a reduced price: only 15 NIS for every purchase over 100 NIS.

Happy Passover! Talma

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