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  • Talma Gotteiner

Andre Ice Cream: New Flavors

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Hi there,

After spending a morning in Tel-Aviv with my daughter and her friend, we concluded our stay with some refreshing ice-cream at Andre's in Jaffa.

'Andre Ice Cream' is a veteran chain of four ice-cream parlors. The one in Jaffa, is the oldest and was opened by the current owner's father over 30 years ago.

The ice creams are freshly made on a daily basis from real cream so the visit to the ice cream parlor is a treat in itself.

Andre Ice Cream: New Flavors

The new flavors featured this summer are unique:

  • Pretzel Ice Cream - The salty pretzels added to the sweet ice cream give it an extra burst of flavor that is sure to delight your taste buds.

  • Amarena Cherry Ice Cream - The ice cream incorporates large amarena cherries that are grown in Bologna and Modena in Italy. The cherries add both pops of red color and a their unique bitter-sweet taste.

  • Malabi Ice Cream - The ice cream incorporates the same homemade Malabi syrup that Andre uses for their famous Malabi dessert. For those who don't know what Malabi is, it's a sort of rice/cornflour based pudding that is served cold, with a rose-flavored red syrup and a topping of cocunut and chopped nuts.

  • New Sorbet Flavors - The new flavors include tropical and exotic fruits such as berries, passionfruit and mango. The sorbets are made from fresh fruit and fruit juices and do not contain any dairy in them.

Aside from the ice creams, you can get an assortment of desserts for every taste and occasion. These include: pancakes served with your choice of ice-cream, strawberry slushies with soft ice-cream, their famous Malabi which happens to be Parve as well, crêpes served with milk or white chocolate, hot chocolate soufflé served with ice cream, rice pudding, frozen yoghurt and an assortment of toppings for all.

My daughter and her friend went for the ice-cream. I was tempted by their famous Malabi. Yummy!

Andre Ice Cream: New Flavors


1 scoop - 12 NIS

2 scoops - 19 NIS

3 scoops - 25 NIS

1 kg - 64 NIS

1 Malabi cup - 10 NIS

1 rice pudding cup - 10 NIS

1 Belgian waffle / pancake - 19 NIS


The four ice cream parlors are located at:

  • 138 Yeffet St., Tel-Aviv-Yaffo

  • 2 Ben-Gurion Rd., Ramat-Gan

  • 87 Sderot Herzl, Ramla

  • 8 David Saharov, Rishon LeZion

Have a cool summer!



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