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  • Talma Gotteiner

Another Roundup of New Foods for the Holiday Season

Hi there,

I am happy to share with you another roundup of new foods on the market in Israel. The new foods described in this article include:

  • Organic Tofu by 'Liv'

  • Espresso Flavored Sugarless Halva by 'Achva'

  • An Organic Nectar Spread based on Honey, Sesame and Cocunut by 'Zuf'

  • Pitaya Fruit by 'Granot's Farms'

Organic Tofu by 'Liv'

Liv, a company that specializes in marketing and distribution of organic, natural, vegan and gluten-free foods, is launching new tofu products on New Year's Eve in a new packaging. These include a Natural Flavored Tofu and an Organic Tofu, that will be marketed in a new 500g savings packaging, that divides the tofu into two separate units (250 grams each) for freshness. Liv's tofu products, manufactured in the Wyler farm, Israel's leading tofu manufacturer, will be marketed with new recipes. The tofu products are protein-rich, with no preservatives and no genetic engineering.

Liv's savings pack Tofu, is of a high-quality, with a stable smooth texture that can be used for several dishes, including baked goods, quiches and casseroles, stews, pastries, pies and desserts. The savings pack is unique in that it includes two separate packaged units for ease of use and maintenance of freshness.

PRICE: 15.90 NIS (natural flavor); 17.90 NIS (organic) in a Savings Packaging of 500g.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: Kosher Parve Mehadrin by Rabbi Pinchas Cohen from Netivot.

Another Roundup of New Foods for the Holiday Season

Photo Credit: Shay Neiberg

Espresso Flavored Sugarless Halva by 'Achva' Achva, Israel's leading manufacturer of halva products, tahini and baked goods, has launched a new product in the leading and best-selling halva series in Israel, an espresso flavored halva without the addition of sugar. The new halva contains 13 grams of protein per 100 grams, calcium and no less than 55% sesame, the main ingredient in the product. It has no sugar additives, no animal components and is a good source of dietary fiber. The rich taste is an espresso flavor, which gives it a unique and delicious aroma. The new halva will be sold in the food chains in a 400 gram packed tray. It is recommended to eat cold and store in the refrigerator before use.

PRICE: 11-13 NIS for packaging weighing 400 grams.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: Kosher Parve, under the supervision of of the ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem.

Another Roundup of New Foods for the Holiday Season

Photo Credit: Yael Hahn

An Organic Nectar Spread based on Honey, Sesame and Cocunut by 'Zuf' The Organic Honey Products brand "Zuf" has launched a new and revolutionary spread for New Year's Eve in the company's organic Honey Products series: an Organic Nectar Spread. It's a sweet spread, delicious and healthy, without added sugar. The spread is made from organic sesame seeds, organic coconut nectar and organic honey. The protein-rich nectar spread contains 17 grams of protein per 100 grams spread, is rich in iron, has no cholesterol, no preservatives, no food coloring and no stabilizing and emulsifying agents.

The "Organic Nectar Spread" is made from organic honey that is considered a health food. The taste of the spread is incredibly sweet, even though its sugar content is low. The combination of coconut nectar (coconut sugar) and honey creates a wonderful flavor, with a wonderful caramel aroma. Organic sesame seeds are rich in protein and have no cholesterol. The coconut sugar in the spread is rich in vitamins that help the heart function. It is rich in vitamin B responsible for the energy balance as well as nerve functioning, in amino acids, the building blocks of the various proteins, in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc. The glycemic value of coconut sugar and honey is low making it the healthiest sweet spread available!

PRICE: About 29 NIS for 350 grams.

KOSHER CERTIFICATE: Kosher Parve under the supervision of the rabbinate.

Another Roundup of New Foods for the Holiday Season

Photo Credit: Nitzan Ginat

Pitaya Fruit by 'Granot's Farms' A new fruit has joined the fruit and vegetable marketing of "Granot's Farms", the Pitaya. The new agricultural organization, which began marketing agricultural produce directly to the supermarkets a year ago, has added to its agricultural produce basket two varieties of Pitaya: Venus and Apollo, that will be marketed to leading marketing chains, private markets and stores specializing in the opening of the Pitaya season in early September.

The Pitaya, also called the Dragon Fruit, is a thornless cactus that grows up to six meters tall. The rind of the fruit is red, pink-purple or yellow, with leaves reminiscent of an artichoke. The fruit content is juicy, white or purplish in color, and saturated with small black seeds. The fruit contains vitamin C, dietary fiber and many antioxidants. The fruit is sweet, yet slightly sour, has a beet color flush, and contains plenty of juice. Israel grows 3 species of Pitayas in the coastal plain, the Negev and the Arava.

The Pitaya can be obtained between September to January in food chains across the country.

Another Roundup of New Foods for the Holiday Season

Photo Credit: Granot's Farms

Happy Holidays! Talma

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