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  • Talma Gotteiner

Arava Region: A ‘Tu Bishvat’ Farming Celebration

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On the occasion of ‘Tu Bishvat’, the Central Arava Region is offering the general public two days full of tourist and agricultural activities suitable for the whole family, as part of the largest agricultural exhibition in Israel at the "Yair" R&D (Research and Development) station in the Central Arava Region and at the North-Tamar station in Hazeva. Admission is Free!

The largest agricultural exhibition in Israel will cover 20 acres. It will showcase 200 companies from Israel and the world highlighting the state-of-the-art technological developments in the fields of agriculture, water, environmental sustainability, solar energy, gardening, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs, motorcycles, jeeps) from the 2023 models, new varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, etc. In addition, in the foreign students' pavilion, you can see a colorful display representing the cultures of other countries.

WHEN: Wednesday and Thursday, February 1-2, 2023

Arava Region: A ‘Tu Bishvat’ Farming Celebration
Credit: Courtesy of the Arava R&D stations

On both days of the exhibition, guided tours will be held (free of charge), where you can witness the wonders of innovation in the world of agriculture, in the growing greenhouses of the Central and Northern Arava R&D stations and visit the Vidor Visitor Center for agriculture. In the visitors’ center, you will get to know life in the Arava, agricultural innovation in the heart of the desert, exposure to the desert and rural tourism that relies on rare natural resources, watch a 3D video with special glasses, and visit an interactive-experiential space and more.

Also at the exhibition, there will be a tourism pavilion that will present agricultural tourism, tourist sites, recreation, and cuisine in all Arava regions including restaurants, wineries, a brewery, guest rooms, inns, camping, self-picking of vegetables, art galleries and workshops, trips on Tomcars or Jeeps, field trips, bike trains, crocodile farms, an antelope farm, an apiary and more.

Last but not least, there will also be a farmer's market all day between 7:00-19:00 including Arava farmers' goods, an artists' market, and food complexes.



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