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"Darom Adom" / "Red South" Festival 2023

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Rahat Tourism will take part in the Darom Adom / Red South Festival for the 7th time this year. After seeing the fields of anemones in full bloom, Rahat tourism invites you to come and enjoy the culinary abundance that the city has to offer - starting with guided tours around the city and the urban market, culinary tours, art and culinary workshops, Bedouin meals in hosting houses and kebab shops. As part of the festival, a new "Mediterranean Film Festival" will be held for the first time, during which about 40 films will be screened together with a culinary offering during the four weekends of February including pre-debut films as well as children's films.

Mahmoud Elamour, CEO of the Rahat Economic Company said: "We are happy to take part for the seventh time in the Darom Adom festival and provide travelers who come to see anemones with the Bedouin hospitality and authentic cultural abundance that the city has to offer."

Alaham Azbarga Abu Dogesh, director of the tourism department in Rahat, said that: "The Red South Festival creates a real and intimate encounter between the Bedouin population that allows the Israeli population to get to know the Beduin society up close through the culture, the cuisine, and the people. In recent years the tourism industry in Rahat has been growing and developing thanks to the desire to present the Bedouin culture and allow the general public to return and visit the city again and again.


WHEN: Weekends (Fri-Sat) in Jan and Feb 2023

"Darom Adom" / "Red South" Festival 2023
The Magluba of Jamlat. Taken by Regev Kalef.


Hosting homes

The home hospitality in the city of Rahat allows for many layers of flavors and an encounter with the Bedouin culture through food

with inspiring life stories. Bedouin cuisine incorporates elements from Jewish cuisine, Palestinian, Turkish, Arab, and Middle Eastern.

Among the participating homes in the festival are: The Green Olive Press House - authentic picnic boxes of Bonaya Azbarga, a foodtruck on the outskirts of Rahat by Moshira Abdelkader, the tent of peace of Anthisar, Jamlat Abu Musa's traditional food and natural pharmacy workshops, Fatma the desert flower - hospitality, workshops, and coffee ceremony, "Traditional Saffron" chef meals by Sabria Abu Jafar, "Dates and Cardamom" - traditional Bedouin hospitality by Negah Abu Latif, "The house of Husniyeh" - an embroidery and sewing center combined with a homestay, an experience of Bedouin food with Hala Abu Siam and "Nid al-Shorbji" - the authentic hospitality of Nid al and Sheikh Hassan Abu Al-Lion - that introduce you to Bedouin heritage...

The Mediterranean Film Festival

The first Mediterranean film festival comes to the city of Rahat, offering films from the countries of the Mediterranean and the Middle East in different languages ​​alongside culinary abundance as part of the Darom Adom Festival, during the four weekends of

February. As part of the festival, 40 films will be screened, including pre-debut films - "Red Apple Flavor" a Druze drama by the director Ihab Tarabia; "Egypt, a love song", Iris Zaki's film.

The festival will also present children's films and films on the issue of special needs intended for the whole family, the film "Here We Are" that won the Ophir prize, and foreign films including Iranian films, Saudi Arabian films, films from Spain, and more.

Alongside the film screenings, the general public will be offered a culinary meal based on the concept and language of the film such as French, Turkish, Italian meals, and more.

The Rahat Beduin Market

The Rahat Bedouin market offers the general public over 100 stalls combined with traditional Bedouin music of local artists, authentic food stalls, housewares, light food and drinks, diverse agricultural produce, fruits, vegetables, honey and jams, spices, oils and more.

The farmer's market also offers quality produce from local Israeli growers straight from their farms.

Kebab for Shabbat

Every Friday and Saturday, between 10:00 - 20:00, Rahat's kebab shops will offer dishes throughout the city

Local food at uniform prices, fresh, with hospitality in the best Bedouin tradition and interesting personal stories. During the visit, you will discover professional butchers, restaurants, and a world of special recipes with secret spices

collected over the years, each tribe with its origins, wanderings, and raw materials collected over the years.

We await you to experience hospitality, local culture, and good food. The kebabs that participate in the festival include::

Al-Turki Kebab Butchery, Abu Hassan, Meat Source Butchery, El Hajoj Kebab, the Balcon restaurant, and more.


A Couple's Dish: half a kilo of the house kebab, hummus, pickles, tomato, and onion on the grill - 80 NIS. ,

A Family Dish: a kilo of the house kebab, hummus, pickles, tomato, and onion - 130 NIS.

For more information please refer to the festival's Facebook page.



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