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  • Talma Gotteiner

Art Judaica: Jewish Holiday Gifts and More

Hi there,

Art Judaica, is a family business. Founded in 1989 by Gabriel Eckstein, it has become Israel's leading manufacturer of Judaica items, with offices in Israel and the USA, thousands of products and hundreds of stores that they work with worldwide.

The wide range of products is developed in house by company designers that create traditional Jewish articles from a variety of materials to suit all tastes and budgets. I am happy to share a few of the Rosh Hashanah accessories and handcrafts that I was able to see firsthand in a meeting at their gallery in Yavne, which is open for wholesale sellers only.

Art Judaica: Jewish Holiday Gifts and More

Above: Gabriel Eckstein, CEO in the middle showing how the designs come to life with his two nephews Roy, Import (left) and Yoav, Export (right)

Examples of products prices: An artistic glass tray for the traditional honey cake with a matching spoon of plaster. Consumer Price 43 NIS.

An aluminum honey bowl in the shape of a fiery red apple. Consumer Price 58 NIS.

A unique honey bowl (also suitable for sugar) made from a blend of bamboo and artistic polymer with a mandala design. Consumer Price 13 NIS.

A variety of decorative aluminum pomegranates with an artistic coating known as "precision" enamel in a variety of shades to suit each taste. Consumer Price 52 NIS.

Two bright red pomegranates on an aluminum tray. Consumer Price 78 NIS.

A pair of gilded or silver aluminum candlesticks on a tray to light Shabbat and holiday candles. Consumer price 104 NIS.

A crystal bottle stopper for a wine bottle designed in a unique, highly decorative disc shape. Recommended retail price 22 NIS.

An Aluminum stopper for a wine bottle in the shape of a hot enamel pomegranate. Consumer price 35 NIS.

A honey bowl made of glass in a special technology that creates a sparkly diamond-like effect. Consumer price 43 NIS.

Art Judaica: Jewish Holiday Gifts and More

The products are available to the public in select stores throughout Israel.

Happy Holidays! Talma

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