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  • Talma Gotteiner

Diur Interiors: Exhibiting the Spring Collection at Home Expo 2020

Hi there,

I met with the 'Diur Interiors' team at the Home Expo Design Exhibition that is taking place at the Expo Tel Aviv Fair till March 5th, 2002. Zion Segev, Founder and Sarit Feinstein, CEO were happy to present the spring collection that they were displaying.

Diur Interiors: Exhibiting the Spring Collection at Home Expo 2020
Top Left to Right: Sarit Feinstein, CEO and Zion Segev, Founder

Zion Segev, Founder explained that the Scandinavian furniture brand Hjort Knudsen that they are representing in Israel is characterized by three words: "Innovation, technology and design". This year, as presented in the IMM show, that took place last January in Köln, Germany, the new seating systems, designer armchairs and TV recliners all come with upgrades both in appearance and functionality upgrading the level of comfort they have to offer.

Sarit Feinstein, CEO stated that this year, the Scandinavian monochromatic design is being upgraded with trendy touches of yellow, orange and green in addition to the blue-gray tones that have characterized it. She told us how delighted Diur Interiors were to hear from the Danish partners that their design of the exhibition space was greatly inspired by the Israeli team's presentation.

This spring, a new collection of seating systems and armchairs will be equipped with innovative and breakthrough, that enables comfortable seating regardless of the weight applied to the sofa.

The exhibition displayed several TV armchairs and recliners. The armchairs do not interfere with the setting of the overall space and are harmonized with the rest of the furniture. The exhibition included both mechanical TV armchairs (best suited to the Sabbath observers) and electrical TV armchairs equipped with a rechargeable battery, making the armchair a perfectly designed item, without any electrical cable. The collection also includes customized armchairs by size and weight.

Contact: 072-3922281 or the Hebrew Website



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