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  • Talma Gotteiner

Dror Doors: The Latest Trends in Interior Doors for 2020

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Hi there,

"Dror Doors" has been a family business for the manufacturing and designing of interior doors for the past 20 years. From day one, when they opened a small store in Ra'anana, their vision was to become a leader in their field. Today, the company has 6 expansive showrooms spread throughout the country, presenting their featured design layouts with renewable collections every few months.

I was happy to attend an event showcasing their new 2020 collection to architects, interior designers, press representative and bloggers.

Dror Doors: The Latest Trends in Interior Doors for 2020
Above: Shahar Haddad, co-CEO and partner extends his welcome to you.

At each of the 6 branches there is a comfortable guest space where every customer is greeted with delicious coffee and cookies. From the armchairs in the guest room you can examine the abundance of models installed in the hall, from the standard doors, through the waterproof ones, to the outstanding designs that include exclusive models that can only be found in the Dror doors in all 6 branches. The exhibition hall spaces are spacious and wecoming. By 2021, two more new branches will be opened in the north and south, based on the demand of customers from the respective areas.

"Dror Doors" manufactures all the doors in their exclusive factory, a local plant meeting the Israeli standard that sets requirements for the quality of the materials, the manufacturing steps in order to achieve a high level of precision and finish. Their special doors are made to order including cutting according to dimensions, welding and painting in the oven. Their special anti-water doors are made from Italian imported materials.

Throughout, the same vision has accompanied them from day one, to provide the best service and uncompromising quality.

What are the Latest Trends for 2020?

Shalom Dror and Shahar Haddad, partners and CEOs of "Dror Doors" said that the most prominent trend for 2020 are the special bold designs. Today people are more daring, trying to achieve a stunning effect while maintaining a tasteful overall flow in their home. Customers are willing to invest extra in a single door that is supposed to represent their fantasy home. These unique doors can even be ordered for guest bathrooms in order to achieve the "wow" factor.

The latest trend in master bedrooms are the striking entrances. People like to feel like they are living in a royal 5-star hotel and achieve that sense of luxury by choosing large French doors that have two wings that open to both sides.

In the large, well-designed showroom in Petah Tikva, which is one of the chain's six branches we were able to see a display of their special designs. For example, they have on display a chic 100% glossed black door with a round skylight window or a barn door, which is one of their most sought after designs. It is made of wide rough wooden planks as if taken from the barn of a farm. It can be painted in a range of strong and unique colors and comes along with a metal frame that gives the right finishing touch.

The standard doors also have alternating fashions. The once common timber-colored interior doors are less fashionable today. The contemporary demand is for light shades to maximize space and flow of the room. The standard doors are decorated with grids of various styles or as a simple delicate frame. Another trend is the use of additional materials based on Old Fashioned and Vintage designs such as patterned or textured glass.

However, the most significant trend of 2020 by far is the use of color. People are more daring and are no longer afraid to place pops of color. The leading colors are mustard, yellow, gray, pistachio, and last, but not least, black. The intensity of the black color is usually used for restroom or guest room doors to make them more catching, while the rest of the doors in the house remain calm and delicate light colors.

There is also a significant increase in demand, especially from the private architects and designers, for "flush mounted" hidden doors that line up with the wall and do not stick out into the space of the room making them elegant and upscale.

There are situations in which a single door separates two very different spaces with respect to atmosphere and color. "Dror Doors" offer a perfect solution. Their ability to manufacture a door by design enables them to produce a door that is painted on both sides in different colors to blend in with each room.This same capability allows them to fulfill any unique requirement such as non-standard height 2.40mm, double-opening doors and flush mount doors and manufacture them in the shortest time possible and at an attractive price.

Metal art in 2020 is also dominated by the black color. Black hinges and handles on gray doors are the latest trend. All of the metal art products, including the hidden hinges, locks and cylinders, at "Dror Doors" are meticulously purchased from the leading factories and highest quality in the country.

The latest trend in locks are magnetic and pull the door so that it closes quietly without a click.

With respect to lintels, till now it has been difficult to fit uniform-looking lintels to different wall thicknesses. Today the problem is solved since all the lintels are installed via direct dressing.

They also have a unique patent for bathroom doors. An opaque doorhole near the handle will turn on a blue warning light when someone is in the bathroom.

In conclusion, "Dror Doors" can offer the latest trends and can help you choose the one most suitable to your needs. Their 2020 models are manufactured at a high quality and at convenient prices. They offer a 2-year warranty for standard doors and up to 10-years warranty for polymer doors.

Contact: 077-7298152 or on their Hebrew Website



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