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  • Talma Gotteiner

Expo Tel-Aviv: An Overview of the Israel Furniture Exhibition Sukkot 2019

Hi there!

I am happy to share with you some information about the most significant furniture exhibition in Israel.

The exhibition this year has been produced by the Group Exhibition Group, led by Roy Wilder, Owner and CEO, who won a tender of the Expo Center in the Tel-Aviv Fairgrounds to produce the annual furniture exhibition held traditionally on Sukkot. The new exhibition has been launched under the name: "Israel Furniture Exhibition" and has inspired companies to hope for a change and renewal to the industry this year. One of the first changes is that the exhibition is planned to be held twice this year on Sukkot and Passover of 2019.

The furniture exhibition covers 7,000 square feet with a projected sales volume of about 100 million NIS, and serves as the most significant furniture market in Israel.

Over 70 companies will exhibiting this Sukkot including: Shomrat Hazorea, Aminach, Relaxon, Ultima, Divani Center, King Koil, Rosetto, Diur Interiors and dozens more.

One of the new additions to the exhibition this year is the "Electricity Complex - Up to 70% Off". The Electricity Surplus Center is coordinating the operation of the Electric Complex in the exhibition and is offering the best of both small and large electrical appliances for the kitchen and all parts of the house at prices up to 70% off. Refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, dryers, mixers, coffee makers and more from the Samsung, Air, LG, Newpan brands and more.

WHEN: Oct 14-19, 2019 at the Tel-Aviv Fairgrounds


Expo Tel-Aviv: An Overview of the Israel Furniture Exhibition Sukkot 2019

Left to Right: Elad Brenner, CEO Divani Center and Roy Wilder, CEO Group Exhibitions



Divani Center is a leading French brand that was established in 1974. The company, that was known for its production of leather and fabric-made seating systems has expanded its line and is now offering a huge range of seating systems, dining areas, bedrooms, living room tables, carpets, accessories and high quality wall units for a total look in the field of design and furnishings.

The whole collection has a modern and meticulous design care of the European designers who have worked with the company for over 40 years. Aside from the innovative and modern design, the furniture items of Divani Center provide an experience of pampering comfort and durability over the years. The furniture items of Divani Center are manufactured with full adherence to all quality standards, with a special emphasis on the art of design. Armchairs and leather sofas are decorated with fine wood and the leather skins are dyed via immersing rather than sprayed, a process that ensures the skin have maximum duratibilty. The quality sewing that follows creates the finishing touch of a final, high-grade unique product that appears to be new even after many years.

The quality control experts closely monitor the manufacturing process, ranging from the quality of the wood and its origins, the processing and painting of the tree, through the processing of the leather to the final product assembly on all stages. One of the key tests that passes through the sofa or armchair, is the test of fire immunity. The company has 80 stores in France.


  • Italian leather seating systems and a fine fabric combined with recliners and headrests.

  • The company has recently expanded and presents designer seating systems, accessories, carpets, buffets, lounge tables - all you need for a total look of luxury furniture.

  • It is possible to design the whole house uniformly from seating systems, through the dining area and to the bedroom.

  • Dining area innovations: the tables are equipped with a ceramic top plate that combines beauty alongside practical use. On ceramics you can place a hot cooking pot.

  • Sofas that open to sofa beds.

The exhibition space will be created by the home designers from France who will also design the XXL flagship store in Rishon LeZion. There will be a 50% DISCOUNT on different furniture systems during the exhibition.

Expo Tel-Aviv: An Overview of the Israel Furniture Exhibition Sukkot 2019

Above: Divani Center


Rossetto is an Israeli company that has been operating since 1978. The company, through its chain of stores, provides a broad selection of furniture solutions in the latest and innovative eclectic design styles.

The company offers furniture for different areas: seating systems, bedrooms, dining areas, wall closets and complementary furniture.

The company represents international brands in Israel including: Pianca, Domicil, Max Divani, Italian Lounge etc.

The company has an advanced logistics center of about 3,000 sqm in Yavne and 6 branches throughout the country.

Innovations Max Divani- For the first time, the company will be presenting the leading models of the Max Divani brand. At the beginning of the year, Rossetto managed to assist both the Italian company Max Divani and over 170 Israeli customers to recover from a sting operation that was conducted by the former exclusive importer of Max Divani Italy who had fled the country after collecting the payment, but without providing the furniture. Further to its intervention and support, Rossetto became the exclusive official representative of Max Divani in Israel.

Domicil – Rossetto will also present the new collection of the German brand Domicil, the prestigious and coveted furniture brand that was purchased by the world's largest upholstery group.

Pianca - ROssetto will present the new collection of the leading Italian design company.

Expo Tel-Aviv: An Overview of the Israel Furniture Exhibition Sukkot 2019

Above: Idan Shuvi, CEO Rossetto


Diur Interiors is an Israeli company that was established in 1978 and is presenting innovations from the following brands:


The new collection of the Italian brand FDESIGN, that specializes in seating systems and sofas combining classical Italian tradition with design innovation. All items are manufactured 100% in Italy. Each piece of furniture that comes out of the factory presents a perfect finished product that maintains the fine balance between feelings and functionality enabling expression of individuality while maintaining the quality of prestige that speaks for itself.

The company's products use high quality materials: a wide range of leathers in a variety of colors and a quality wood that guarantees durability over time. The company also specializes in manual handcraft, emphasizing the small details in a way that ensures the elegance of the style.

The home designer and owner of the company Nicola Farella, was born in Altamura, a small village in southern Italy. Thanks to his extraordinary gift, Nicola was the first boy to learn the captonnage technique. The traditional manual technique is used to manufacture the antique Chesterfield style sofas and is usually performed by old men.

The exhibition will display furniture from various brand production lines:

Modern Collection – The collection is designed for people living a modern and contemporary lifestyle. It is characterized by sophisticated clean lines that fit into large open spaces and combines comfort and technology that work to improve the quality of life.

A Living Collection – The last trend in the world of furniture-sofas that open to beds. The models in this collection make the interior design of the two interesting and applicable. The collection is contemporary and cosmopolitan and is designed for those who want to maximize the comfort of their home without interrupting its design line.

  • The Luxury Collection - This collection is designed for grand castles, estates and houses at the highest level. This collection is prominent in the captonnage design-style of its seating systems, the area of the expertise of Nicola Farella.

Hjort Knudsen

Denmark's leading furniture and design company, and the largest provider of seating systems, leather and cloth, and various furniture systems for furniture stores in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and now France and many countries in Western Europe and the United States continues to grow and draw its mark on global design.

Israel is presenting new collections that have been influenced by designs and trends that have been developed in Israel both at the level of colors (not just monochromatic colors that are typical of Scandinavian design) and at the level of the seating systems tailored to host a large number of family members and friends.

The exhibition will include new models that combine luminous colors such as bright yellow, white cream with gold stripes, bouncy orange, brown in combination with metal legs made of thin copper or gold, as well as corner seating areas in blue and grey velvet fabrics and more.

A special department in this company is the Department of Television Armchairs that combine Danish design at the highest level, a combination of fine leathers, fabrics and of course a quality wood identified with the Danish design in clean, simple lines and curves. Some of the TV armchairs are equipped with advanced technology that allows the chair to be adjusted in a number of positions and also has an unnoticeable touch operating point. There are also USB connection options, cellular phone charging and more.

Innovations in armchairs and TV chairs include a unique chair with 3 motors that can support people weighing over 150 kg comfortably in addition to armchairs that come in smaller dimensions. The products range from traditional Danish to new and innovative in their field, and all are offered in fabric and leather.

The company's products are offered in a wide range of quality textiles and leathers, and the various furniture is manufactured from typical northern European trees such as pure oak, birch and beech wood.

Expo Tel-Aviv: An Overview of the Israel Furniture Exhibition Sukkot 2019

Above: With Sarit Feinstein, CEO


The largest and leading company in Israel of furniture systems for the entire house is returning to the exhibition after 9 years in which it did not participate. The exhibition will display new furniture items for the year 2020.

Seating systems: In this field you will see the Houston seating system: a large and impressive 3-meter sofa for 4 that magnifies and upgrades the appearance of the living room. The sofa is offered in a fashionable black velvet fabric of high-quality, pleasant to the touch and easy to clean. The sofa is comprised of two parts that enable the transfer of the system from place to place easily. The sofa seats are made from a sponge surface over springs to maintain flexibility and comfort and have an ergonomic seating ramp for maximum comfort. To complete the elegant look, the sofa is equipped with high black metal legs.


  • The Gabriel model armchair is made from a velvet fabric in fashionable colors such as: camel brown, petrol blue and silver grey with black legs. The sturdy armchair is especially comfortable for sitting.

  • The Danish model is characterized by straight and clean lines combined with an easy synthetic fabric for cleansing in shades of mustard or turquoise. The fabric has a protective layer that prevents liquids from being absorbed instantly and the feet are made of the black oven-colored metal.

  • The Dali model is an elegant designer chair with a black-colored metal backbone covered by black velvet cloth and matching black metal legs. It is a high quality durable chair.

Mattresses The company has recently penetrated the mattress field and has completed the broad spectrum of products that Shomrat Hazorea offers as a leading furniture chain in Israel. The company has launched the mattress "Impala" – a brand of orthopedic mattresses made with European technology that provide support, softness and maximum indulgence throughout the body's length. The line has free air circulation between all layers of the mattress and a combination of environmentally friendly, soft and durable fabrics for many years. All Impala mattresses meet the European and Israeli standards, and are provided in a variety of models for comfort: silver, gold, titanium or galaxy.

The exhibition will present the Gold Mattress - A European designed orthopedic mattress that adapts to the weight of the body helping relieve pain in the back and neck. It is characterized by a prestigious design with deep seams and quality fabrics on the mattress surface. The mattress is comprised of isolated springs (about 720 springs per mattress), allowing maximum comfort for two sleeping partners who can turn and move without interrupting one another. The mattress is luxurious and is integrated with a no FLIP technology (i.e. no need to turn over the mattress). In addition, you can get the mattress for a tryout of 30 nights with a full refund on the price of the mattress on return.

Padded beds

Adjacent to the mattresses, the company will present a rich collection of padded beds with a chic and contemporary look.

Wall systems

  • Pine Wall System: A trendy buffet designed with clean lines that allows easy and comfortable storage thanks to the two trays and clapdoor in the center. The drawers are equipped with high-quality rails for full and deep opening. The buffet is coated with a natural, integrated oak veneer with legs made of metal.

  • Itamar Wall System: A clean and beautifully designed buffet that allows for easy and comfortable storage. The buffet has two open shelves and a closed storage cell as well as two large drawers. It comes in a modern colorful combination of black and concrete.


The Dylan Closet - a sliding door closet with a young and fashionable design. The closet is offered at a height of 230 cm and two width sizes and includes shelves, an internal drawers unit and a silent shutting mechanism. The closet also includes:

  • 2 hanging rods made of thick, durable metal

  • 6 wide shelves - supporting 20 kg per shelf with an option for adding a pair of shelves.

  • The doors of the closet are 'floating doors' with hidden rails and frames.

  • The closet is divided into 2 large and wide sections for optimal storage space with beautiful aluminum knobs that allow for easy opening.

  • A unit of internal drawers and a silent shutting mechanism.

  • The closet is equipped with a high-quality German metal fittings.

  • The closet is made by 'Green' eco-friendly manufacturing and is easy to disassemble in the case of moving.

Pay and Take – Special for the Exhibition

One of the attractions of the Shomrat Hazorea booth is a "pay and take" tent outside the pavilion that offers a variety of small furniture pieces at affordable prices such as:

  • URANUS – a round side table at 190 NIS

  • Jupiter - a bookstand for 690 NIS

  • Neptune – A pair of square tables for 350 NIS

  • Venice – a shoe stand for 290 NIS

  • Montreal - a dining table and two chairs for 690 NIS

  • And several other products.

Expo Tel-Aviv: An Overview of the Israel Furniture Exhibition Sukkot 2019

Above: Aryeh Wissmann, CEO

Happy Sukkot! Talma

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