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  • Talma Gotteiner

First Branded Store for Israeli Olympic Athlete Alex Shatilov

Hi there!

Further to my previous article on the new initiative SPORTS GROW by Business Grow, a business growth venture that aimed to open a series of personally branded online stores for Israeli Olympic athletes, I am happy to share with you that Olympic gymnast Alex Shatilov, is the first of the initial five athletes to open his store to the public.

The new store is dedicated to uniquely branded Shatilov products in a limited edition. The first launched product - the WRISTBAND, includes a set of two athletic sweat protective wristbands. Wristbands are an important and critical tool in the competitive life of a gymnast and these have been designed based on an image of Alex Shatilov during his exercise. The product is sold in a stylish and branded packaging by Shatilov to which a personally signed thank-you letter from him is attached.

First Branded Store for Israeli Olympic Athlete Alex Shatilov

Above: Alex Shatilov with rhythmic gymnastics coach Ella Samofalov

The purpose of the venture is to allow outstanding athletes to benefit from being revered and emulated figures, to build themselves as a brand and to create an opportunity for fans and sports fans, small and large, to be in direct contact with the athletes they admire. The venture will enable fans to purchase products and feel themselves partners in the road to success of their admired athlete and above all - to position the athletes as leading brands over time.

Four additional branded and personalized online stores will be launched for artistic gymnast Linoy Ashram, swimmer Yaakov Tomarkin and athlete Hannah Knyazyeva Minenko.

The innovative venture is led and managed by a volunteer, BUSINESS GROW, which specializes in developing digital tools for business management. The company has developed a unique market model, which includes the establishment of the Internet store, the establishment of logistics and commercial infrastructure, and the delivery of the products to the customer and customer service.

Olympic gymnast Alex Shatilov, has appeared three times in the Olympic Games (Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016), and during his career won two bronze medals at the World Championship and seven European Championship medals, one of them Gold.

Alex Shatilov's Store A limited inventory of the WRISTBAND will be sold on Alex Shatilov's Online Store and will sell for 49 NIS.

Best, Talma

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